Prevented change, not working

Following a hospital spell in December. I was changed from symbicort to relevant. I was on it for a while, but once steroids wore off its not been effective. Changed to seritide for 3 weeks now, makes me feel sick and shakey. Doc says I should try it for longer but I'm in the middle of my gcse's and want to stop. I have previously had fostair and this did the same. Are they similar drugs? Is there anything left to try?

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  • I felt a little like this at first also had a hospital stay in December and was change from fostsir to seretide, also nebulising ipratropium and salbutamol together.

    But don't always get the shaky feeling now, only on odd occasions.

  • It took me a while of feeling shaky and wierd on seretide, it did settle down though. I started taking one puff wait a while then take second puff just so it wasn't such a big hit all at once. Then moved to taking them together.

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