How do I stop losing my inhaler?

I have lost count of how many times I have lost my inhaler as I usually have an inhaler at home (which I cannot find) and my fiance always keeps in his coat pocket (this one has also disappeared) for when we are out n about n I need my inhaler more now with the warmer weather on it's way, but every time I get a new inhaler I use it a few times n then it goes missing.


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  • Of my inhalers one (my steroid preventer inhaler) never leaves the bag in which it is kept which in turn never leaves our bathroom, unless we are going away. Of my two reliever inhalers one is kept in the same bag as the steroid inhaler, and the other lives in one my handbags. That second one goes with me wherever I go, so I might have to switch it from one bag to another, or put it in a pocket if I'm going out for a walk (and so don't need a handbag). If I have been out for a walk then the first thing I do when I get back is to take the inhaler from my pocket and return it to the handbag I got it from before going out. I find this works well for me.

  • I do not have a handbag hun as my fiance looks after one of my inhalers as he keeps one in his pocket n the other is usually on the table in the living room in case I need to use one in the house.

  • There's a couple of points here: firstly, I'm assuming that the two inhalers you refer to are both reliever inhalers: secondly, if they are not, and the one that is left on the table is a preventer inhaler, I recommend that you talk to your GP and request a second reliever.

    .Assuming that both the inhalers you mention are relievers, what happens when your fiancé goes out without you (with one inhaler in his pocket) and you want to go out on your own? Your only option then is to take the one on the table, so it gets moved. If, when you come back, you forget to take it out of your pocket you have a problem when you next need to use it (which might be a couple of days later when you are wearing something different).

    You say you don't have a handbag - can I suggest that you get one. You can then keep one of your inhalers in it so you will know where it is all the time. You will be in the comfortable position of having one that can stay at home all the time and can be put somewhere where you know it will always be, whilst the one in your handbag can be the one that goes out with you:-)

  • Hi I only use 1 at a time but have set places for it. When I am up it is kept on the table nearest me. When out it automatically goes into my handbag, and when I'm asleep it is on the bedside cabinet. I have got into the habit of moving it accordingly so it doesn't ever get lost. I guess if you live with someone they can move it though too. I live by myself so it is easier.

    If you have lost both and need another one why not go to your chemist (providing you use the same one) and tell them what has happened. They should be able to give you another one. Or you should be able to buy one at any chemist if you take your most recent prescription with you. x

  • I have a few dotted about - in handbag, in car, at work, in gym bag and in bedside drawer then I know there's always one nearby. Can't have too many lol

  • Put it in your jean pocket or your jacket if you don't have a hand bag, leave one in key places . Take care xx

  • One in kitchen one in bedroom one in handbag one in car sorted . You say you don't have a handbag so what do you hit your fiance with ? Lol

  • Lol. My hand or his 4 year old niece beats him up for me

  • I have a friend who has a cute little tiny bag on a piece of ribbon which she wears round her neck under her clothes. I do not use a handbag but keep it in my jeans pocket. Plus one in car,one in bathroom,one in bedroom and a spare which is kept in spare room and I only get if I can't find any of the others !

    It really is important to have one with you always.

  • I have several inhalers all around the house etc lol.. I have one in my bag (always) one in the car.. one in my bedroom and one at my boyfriends.. so I always know where to find one!

  • I keep mine in my handbag and generally only use one handbag at a time. Maybe you need to have a default bag for everything and keep your inhaler in that, and take it everywhere? I have one inhaler at work, one by my bed and one in my handbag. I wouldn't want to have to rely on someone else for it, tbh.

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