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Steroids- and Vile side effects


Hi I'm Cass, and from Cardiff, I have been on steroids for over 26 yrs Now, and have gone from size 10 to size 20-22 ( not good as only 5ft 3) in the past 3 weeks I have been diagnosed with Steroid Induced Type 2 Diabeties and Steroid Induced Prolapse of My Bladder and Poss my Bowl...

It's horrendous have got months of procedures and Surgery at end of it..

This explains the Bladder issue when I was blaming the Pred.

Has anyone else had this Problem

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goodness Cass, I had to read that twice,steroids for 26 years! Why were you on them for 26years?

Hi Cass. I was on and off steroids since 1967 and then permanently on them since 1991 so I know how you feel. I was diagnosed steroid induced type 2 diabetes in 2003, also osteoporosis, muscle wastage, compromised immune system, reflux. I also have high blood pressure, cholestrol, restless legs. I too piled on massive amounts of weight going from size 8 to 22/24. Absolutely hate it. One good thing of being on permanent steroids is that at first sign of worsening I can up steroids and nip it in the bud plus without them I would now be 6ft under. Take care Cass

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Thanks for the message for 1st time in going to Asthma Clinic at my local Hospital.

My new consultant said to me long term use of steroids makes the person I'll, gain massive amounts of weight( which you will never loose) just gain.

He has put me on Steroid, Ventolin and Actrovent Nebs ( Twice a day)

Duo Resp 160/4.5mcg inhaler twice a day and 2 X Steroids a day ( up from 1 a day) long term if I get worse then up to 6 a day( don't want that due to vile side effects)

He is by far N*2 Best Asthma Consultant after the Wonderful Dr Gelder who moved to Coventry Hospital

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I have asthma and I'm having a hard time with early menopause. I this week learnt that there's a connection between hormones and asthma through a Daily Mail article which was really good online. Some of the things that you have I've had as well and it makes me wonder if they connected as oestrogen is involved in every aspect of the body. Anyway I've got a blog which you can Google under menopausal insomniac if you're interested and there's a really good article on there about the connection between asthma and the menopause which I found in the Daily Mail as above. I also have FND.

Anyway I hope you are feeling better soon. I think the steroids give your immune system a temporary boost but then there's a rebound effect on the other side as I find easier to manage my Asthma with hormones and my blue inhaler as and when although I have done so against the advice of my doctor as I feel much better that way. But I might be milder than you. Just thought I would share in case any of it is of any help. Heard others hear feel similar about steroids.

The other issue with the menopause is that it reduces your collagen as your oestrogen reduces which can affect your bladder and other internal organs due to lack of muscle tension. The menopause is a really complicated tricky one and can happen at any age. As men have oestrogen as well they can also suffer with problems.

Also read a good book called Listening to your Hormones by Gillian Ford which covers the broad range of complications of Menopause due to oestrogen reduction.

It's like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, isn't it? The steroids are horrible - I also have weight gain, steroid induced diabetes, suppressed immune system, osteoporosis and steroid myopathy, which is particularly irritating because it limits my ability to walk, which is exactly what the steroids were supposed to allow me to do. And I'm only 28, so I'm sure I have plenty more to look forward to.

I haven't had the problems with bladder and bowel that you mention. Sounds like it is just one more thing to add to the list and very upsetting. I think the thing that I find helpful is to remember that the steroids are life-saving - nobody would put us on them with all those side-effects otherwise. I know it won't make the side-effects that have a huge impact go away, but at least I know that it is better than the alternative.

Yes, I was on steroids for 6 weeks and got steroid induced diabetes, nothing with my bladder though. I am physically fit, in shape, healthy etc. I didn't need anything for it, it went away on it's own but steroids are the devil. I was left with side effects for many many weeks even after on them. They effected me mentally too.

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