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I'm new here (although not new to asthma, which I've had since I was 2) and I have a quick question that I wonder if anyone can help with.

I've not been well for the past couple of weeks - had a chest infection which caused my asthma to flare up. Today was my first day back at work and I've come home absolutely shattered. I'm really struggling to get a proper deep breath in, because every time I try, it comes to a kind of squeaky/wheezy stop. Is this what's called Stridor, and is that normal with asthma?

A few puffs of bricanyl does seem to be giving me some relief so that's a plus!

Hopefully someone will know the answer to this - I think part of the problem with having had asthma since I was so small is that I've never really had an adult conversation about it. The Asthma Nurse tries but I'm always out the door like a flash once my check-ups are done (yes, I know I'm bad!).

Thank you :D

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It's hard really to say if that's exactly what it might be. Clearly there's a restriction of some sort as your reliever eases it. However you probably need a proper medical view to be sure as it might be asthma-related but equally something to do with the infection you've had.

It's probably worth taking the plunge & spending some time talking through this particular attack with your nurse/GP as you'll learn pointers for future ones & how to keep them under control.

In the meantime you could also ring the Asthma UK Helpline.


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