Asthma is rubbish! Had a bad chest a couple of weeks ago and I am not recovering as well as I normally would, went to see my GP with my asthma plan which was set up by the team at Glenfields Leicester which recommends a steroid dose of 40mg 2/52 wks, GP was funny when I produced this and was sharp with me because my peak flow was probably low enough to justify a visit to A&E ( which I have always avoided whenever possible) but reluctantly gave me doxycycline and a prescription for steroids. I am now 10 days into the steroids and have finished the doxycycline but I'm still breathless and wheezy. I also have monthly xolair injections. Feeling very fed up, I work as a TA and have GCSE's starting next week and I need to get rid of this tiredness... Would love to feel well for a few weeks.

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  • I'm so sorry that you're going through such a bad time with your health issues.

  • Sympathies extended and totally agree asthma does suck. I hope something kicks in for you or you can get more assistance

  • Thanks x

  • Thank you ... Just feeling sorry for myself today

  • Sorry you are having a bad time at the moment.. I am going through something similar...I try to exercise as much as possible between chest infections.. but always feel crappy the day after....its like a constant circle of feeling well... exercise.....feeling crappy.. waiting to feel well.. feeling well etc etc etc... and so it goes on...I have learned to listen to myself when I feel crappy see the dr... if I feel I am awake most nights coughing, wheezy and the steroids aren't helping.. Hospital it is.. I hate going to hospital too especially since I am a carer of my disabled daughter... but if you don't look after yourself who will?.... better to be safe than sorry have learned that hte hard way... so though I don't go until I absolutely have to.. I do go.. take care of yourself please..you are the only one who can xx

  • Thanks it is just a circle that we keep going round isn't it? I'm quite active most of the time I work in a secondary school so that keeps me on the move, I do feel guilty when I have to have time off sick.

  • never feel guilty for being sik.. thats not your fault...its an illness after all...if you need time off to rest and feel better then thats what you need to do...its not like we LIKE feeling bad...x

  • Ho i am new here and have never had to be admitted for my asthma but beginning of may i was coughing all night for 4 nights till i went to docs he put me on an antibiotic and steroids. A week later my chest was still bad in fact i was told if got any worse i would have to go to hospital he put me on doxycyline for 12 days and 7 days of steroids, all have now been finished been finished but i too feel tired alot of the time and am still coughing a bit......this is the worse chest infection i have ever had and it frightened me.

  • Hi Tina1954 it's horrible isn't it. I am feeling better after a 14 day dose of steroids and a week of doxycycline. I am always a bit wheezy but I accept that's just the way my life is going to be. It's really frightening though, I started having panic attacks due to my asthma which makes things seem even worse... If that's possible, I now take Meds to keep them at bay.

    Asthma is very tiring and unless your a sufferer I don't think you can begin to imagine how exhausting it can be.

    I hope your feeling brighter soon xx

  • I have been back to docs as after 2 lots of antibiotics and steroids i still wasnt right doc checked my chest said there was still a slight noise so she gave me a different antibiotic and steroids and was sent to hospital for x ray so now a waiting game to see what it shows and as my sick note runs out on 31st may i will be back to docs for another bit fed up with it now.

  • Depressing isn't it, I work in a school so I have a week off now hoping I will feel better after a break, I'm still coughing if I'm no better I shall talk to my GP and see if I need to be checked, I'm still wheezy

    Take care x

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