Bad day

Hi all hope u all doing ok me just got back from the docs  Said my chest is gurgling I got to rest for few weeks thinks the asthma and the weather is activating the lungs he has give me some saline to put into my machine to dampen the lungs and some antibiotics to keep up to me if I start them now or in a few days thinks the weather and hey fever making it worse got to go. Ack if any worse drink plenty of fluid  if I get any worse got go back or go into hospital said operation hasn't done anything but made me worse  X 

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  • oh i sorry to hear that. The damp weather is not doing alot of us any favours. I pray that the antibiotics help. Drink like a fish.  I am here for you my friend.

  • Hi thank u have a good day 

  • Hi Tracey the bit about the op is hard to take I imagine.. You take care :))))

  • That is bad news. I was hoping  the op would help. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  • Oh no! I am so sorry. I can imagine how disappointed you are xxxx

  • That is not good news! Surgery made it worse? Was it his idea to do surgery ?


  • Well both the docs in London rbh thought I would benefit from it but me and another lady I know who's had it have been worse through it some people have been better I been docs today and now on saline nebs as well as the normal one and antibiotics again and said rest and plenty of fluid if get to bad said just call a ambulance so not good news hope u ok X

  • So sorry that the operation hasn't worked as you had hoped for.

    Take care.

    God Bless you and your family.

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