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Lung prolapse

Hey guys, hope you are all well. Just wondering if anyone out there has had a prolapsed lung and used the "watch and wait treatment? 

 I found out yesterday I had one but it's very small (about 15% they reckon). I feel a bit stupid actually because I've had it since bank holiday Monday but because o often pull muscles etc in my chest and often am breathless and wheezy as my asthma is quite tricky to control I just thought I was having a bad week. 

Anyway because it's small and because I nearly passed out at the idea of having the treatment (I've had it before and it was a bit traumatising) they are happy to do try this with X Ray's and check up every other day. I was happy because  they let me go home, my o2 levels were fairly stable and I have everything I need here.  They said I need complete rest however. One dr said to me it's almost like you need to think of it as you're on bed rest.  This is for 2 reasons, because the lung has a better chance of recovering if it's not being worked to hard, and also we don't want to cause prolapse to be any bigger but also because I've been trying to just get on with it the last week and the pain has meant I haven't slept great he said I was on the brink of exhaustion. 

So anyway this is a long post just to ask, has anyone else had a lung prolapse and used the watch and wait method? Did it work for you and how much rest did you really need?? 

I have 2 children, and although I'm signed of work, it's still quite tricky to completely rest in the way the dr described it. I don't want to be stupid but at the same time I still have responsibilities. Their dad works long hours in the day and so do all my family who live around me. (Apart form my sister but she has a 7 day old baby so she's kind of busy) 

They are older (8 and 10) so it's not like I'm chasing after toddlers, but they do keep me on my toes!

Have a great day guys 

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whilst you should keep moving around, at this stage you are likely to make it worse if you are not careful so don't over do it.  Explain to the kids that you really need their help otherwise you will have to go away and they won't have anyone to make their tea.  Get them to help with all the tasks that need doing - and if they can't pick it up neither can you but if they can you don't need to.  Any other chores can be done by dad, hire a cleaner or wait a fortnight

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Thanks :-) it's been a lot tougher than I thought, felt so rough this past few weeks! Hopefully it's ok when I go back Friday as on Monday it had shown a slight improvement, but it's been really painful this week. Plus my asthma is going absolutely crazy.

Kids (and partner for a change )have actually been very helpful and understanding!


fingers crossed you'll be fine :)


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