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Daughter recently diagnosed

Hi all,

I'm new to this. My youngest daughter has had a persistent cough for about 4 weeks now. It started when we were on holiday and originally put it down to being away and being in a different environment. Unfortunately, the cough didn't improve. In fact it got worse, she has big coughing fits and has caused her to be sick a number of times. 

I took her to the dr last week, they decided it was most likely asthma induced by hay fever. She has spent a week using just ventolin, the cough hasn't eased but the inhaler does help relax her after a coughing fit. Spoke to dr again today and she is adamant it is asthma and gas put her in clenil modulite, we are to try this for the next two weeks and then go back to see the asthma nurse. 

Just looking for advice/support - is it normal for an asthma cough to cause you to be sick and is there anything else I can do to help her cope until the new inhaler kicks in?

Thanks for any advice 

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When I was younger I used to cough until I was sick. For me the only thing that worked was the inhalers and sometimes a drink. Finding out what was triggering my coughing as well worked, like certain scents and such like.

hope this helps


It's not unusual to be sick when coughing really hard as it can stimulate the gag reflex. If it is hay-fever induced asthma I'm surprised they didn't add in a non-drowsy anti-histamine which should settle the allergy down without sedating her. There is some comfort in that once hay fever seasons ends her symptoms should in theory improve. If it does then this may support the diagnosis. Also don't panic if they do a trial of stopping treatment in the future to see what happens, if the symptoms return off treatment it supports the diagnosis if she was symptom free on treatment.  Another thing to be aware of is that sometimes people don't like the idea of steroids in children (Clenil) because of long term effects, however if the steroids are inhaled they are a 1000 times smaller dose than if given orally and they act directly on the lung if inhaled and so the benefit definitely exceeds the risk. 


My youngest who is now 12, was diagnosed at 2 with asthma. She used to cough until she was sick every time her asthma was really bad. She gradually grew out of being sick and this never happens now. Steam can sometimes help if the cough is really bad, propping her bed up at night and sleeping on 2/3 pillows also helps. Your asthma nurse will be able to help you with advice and make use of Asthma UK, they have always been fantastic when I have contacted them. Good luck and keep going back to the doctors until you are satisfied that they have got her asthma under control! 


My daughter had a persistent cough for a year, with varying degrees of severity, and the Dr. & consultant said it was asthma. She stopped taking the medication eventually as she thought it made no difference to her. Try it and see, I thought. She has not had any asthma symptoms so far and that was 20 years ago!  You never know -your daughter might be fine.


Thanks all, it's reassuring to know that coughing to this extreme does happen. My eldest also has asthma but never coughed to the extent she was sick so this is new to me. We started clenil last night with her so am hoping once it gets into her system things will settle down. It's horrid to watch though and really feel for her 


Another thing which could help would be to cut down on dairy food.  I don't know how feasible this is with a child co they need good nourishment.   While this doesn't cause mucus it does make it thicker and harder to cough up.  One solution is to drink plenty of water or fruit juice.  This thins it and makes it easier to get out. 

It is possible too that she is dairy intolerant.  My sister never smoked or had any lung disease etc.  but had a dry irritating cough for years.  Eventually she found she had an intolerance to some dairy products - cows milk and ice cream.  I am not saying your youngster has that but it is a possibility.    When she stopped eating these her cough went completely.  

Obviously before you do anything best to ask the doctor. x



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