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Mepolizumab - Nukala - rejected by Nice because of cost What is the Asthma UK involvement?


Just seen my consultant today  and he said that Mepolizumab was rejected by Nice because of its high cost, now it went into additional consultation and Asthma UK  also contributes into that consultation

I've been waiting for this injections  for 2 years, as many other people with eosinophilic asthma , and now got a response that it might be not approved!

I've got severe breathlessness , not controlled by steroids, and this  was the only treatment that could help

Just want to know what Asthma UK is intending to contribute into that discussion and if they collect any evidence from this forum members

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One more comment - its been approved by FDA and has been  used in USA successfully for a few months


I remember you posting about this a while ago. Maybe worth contacting Asthma UK to ask them about it, doubt they have asked forum members for evidence,. Good luck.


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