Ventoline and Atrovent evohalers

Ventoline and Atrovent evohalers

Ok new trial 2 vento puffs  plus 2 atrovent puffs when I feel tight..see if that helps.😊 He is definitely against nebs, said it has been proven they have no added effects than inhalers and the aerochamber. 🙄 All that to avoid oral steroids in view of eye, bone, skin problems 😢

I hate plane pollen!! City streets are full of them. Hated birch too😂

Will keep to flowers!!! 🌷🌺🌸🌻and Art!!!

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  • Oh dear - I'm sorry life is such a pig at the moment. I assume you are taking the atrovent to prevent attacks, so it's a bit odd to be told to just take it as & when.  Do anti-histamines help at all with the pollen? So much treatment is on a trial and error basis but it can't be helped.

    Long term steroids come with too many side effects so no wonder he wants you to avoid them.

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks Chrissie I had the Atrovent in nebs before.. No antihistamines I took for years it dries me out to much already I have this Sorgren problem. Pollen and stress.. Taking of Dad is a pain, he gets agressive when things don't go his way, he's 87..tomorrow 11 he's transferred to that facility we'll see!!!


  • I do hope you get Dad sorted out and get some peace. You have my sympathy. I think you need peace of mind to feel better physically as well as mentally, so gentle and quiet thoughts winging their way to you. :)

  • Thank you Chrissie that's kind of you. 😊

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