Sorry if I'm asking stupid????

Hi as a newbie (5months) im still a bit confused. In the cold weather I found I got coughs and colds all the time so really suffered with asthma symptoms,also a week before and during my time off the month I have to increase my preventer inhaler. Now the warm weather has arrived I thought all  the wheezing would stop but over the last few days it seems to have started again... Do other people suffer in warm weather?

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  • Each season I tend to struggle. I think the warm weather can cause just as many problems tbh but that's only my opinion of my own experience. Hope things improve 4u ☺

  • Ha you been checked for allergies?  Although I suffer with asthma exacerbations from colds I also have had my worst asthma exacerbations in the summer, dry air and pollen seem to be the worst offenders.

  • I think you need to have a longish talk with your asthma nurse about your symptoms and the best way to live with them. So many things can bring on an attack but also affect the kind of ongoing symptoms some of us have all of the time.  I find warm dry weather is great, but high humidity is just nasty for my poor lungs. Hormones and stress affect just about everything.  You will get to grips with it in the end, honest!

  • Hi this year I have moved straight from cold and flu season to hay fever season.  The pollen count is really high at the moment where I am. We are also expecting Saharan sands to get blown here at the weekend. These all affect my asthma. I get a break about Autumn. 

    I second what previous posters have said.  Sit down with your asthma nurse and talk through your possible triggers and what you can do to manage them

  • Hi Lyngal Me too..I think that climate change or El niño etc is making our life worse. Asthma and allergies are on the increase.. Pfffff so check with your nurse or even pharmacist for the right meds.

  • Not to repeat what others have said, have you tried a drink of lemon water ginger and honey?

    With regard to your pms you might find this link interesting

  • Thanks so much everyone for your replies going to have a good chat with the asthma nurse. A lot more triggers are coming to light but it's so hard and for pollen to be a trigger is so hard as a family we spend all of the time in the garden from morning till night when the weather is warm 

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