Hi sat at the rbh for check up after the op etc went to opticians yesterday and said my sight deteriating due to the steriods looks like I got a carrack on back of my left eye and there's something on my right eye but not sure what it was for to go back next Tuesday to have some proper tests done but said my glasses won't help at the moment as the eyes deteriating a lot since she seen me last I get a lot of pain and oresure headaches in my eyes as well really hurt sometime like a pin being put in them horrible so c what the tests say next week I give up its one thing after another hope everyone else well have a good day X 

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  • Well the cataract is easy to deal with I had two operated on back in 2012 and now have almost perfect eyesight - better than I had back when I was 14 and started wearing glasses.  Opticians have wonderful instruments available at their offices now - some only available in hospitals just a few years ago and they are really good at finding things and referring you for further treatment. 

    Hope everything goes well for you at your check up and that your appointment on Tuesday helps you get further treatment.

  • I hope your appointment at RBH goes ok. 

    Good luck with getting your eyes sorted. 

    Take care. 

  • Hi not best news operation hasn't done much saying he's not optimistic about it lung function lower today X-ray was good that's it more antibiotics and got to come back in 2 months as breathing not great and said about me going in for 10 days on iv hydrocortisone again as that helps 

  • I do hope you can get your eyes sorted. 

  • Sorry to hear your fighting a new problem.  🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Sorry to hear that the operation news isn't better. 

  • I too have the beginnings of cataracts due to long term oral steroids. My left eye is worse than my right.. slightly fuzzy, which is what prompted me to go to my opticians.  Have new glasses again but still have fuzziness.  I am still fine to drive at the moment though.

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