fed up with steroids

Hi everyone, 

I have suffered chest probs since giving up smoking 2 years, have asthma symptoms, but docs aren't convinced I have asthma. Nevertheless, I am treated with asthma meds. Everytime I have wheezing and chest is tight to the extent i can barely breathe, I take prednisolone, I suffer horrific side effects, so my question is, has anyone heard of an alternative to this drug ? Your input will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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  • Hi Mintypol

    Which asthma meds do you take? They say inhaled steroids are best, so is your asthma controlled? If you're on pred you usually need it except if you are not on the right asthma treatment so you are getting flare-ups..

    Which side effects do you get?

    I suppose atrovent and spiriva are bronchodilators as well or oxygen if yours is low.

    You should talk to the Asthma UK nurse and ask for advice. 

    Take care xx

  • Thanks for responding. I have symbacort inhaler twice a day, ventolin if needed. I also bought a nebuliser machine, it has kept me out of hospital on a few occasions. I don't have an actual asthma nurse, but my docs  are pretty good. Side effects are. Insomnia, blurred vision, muscular aches and I have gone up a size, 

  • Symbicort twice a day is not much, maybe the root of the problem.. How much pred do you take and for how long?

    Im on 40mg when needed i have bone density and skin problems. You must talk about your side effects with the clinic.

    Good luck xx

  • I take 30mgms day for 5 days, recently I had 3 courses during Feb and March, I'm on 3Rd day of another course now, the consultant I saw said ".your condition doesn't make sense, keep taking inhalers" so I've not been back, I passed all the blowing tests above average and my sats are approx 98percent 

  • Well I don't know what to say.. I would ask for a CT scan if you haven't had one. Talk to the Asthma UK nurse your best bet. 

  • I have had a cat scan, all ok. I'm certainly an enigma, doesn't stop me feeling like c**p lol.thanks for your interest, I will go back to docs and have a review,  I hope you keep well tc x

  • Good luck. Thanks I have my ups and downs but that's life 😊

  • Same here- I have just finished prednisolone course - 40 mg x 10 days, didn't do anything for me - still feel short of breath most of time

  • That's a lot of steroids, my doc said last time I saw her, that if I was still breathless after steroids, she would do a blood test to check my heart is ok, cos chf can cause breathlessness 

  • What blood tests do they do to check heart?

  • I'm not altogether sure, but i know there is a blood test checks heart enzymes, it may be that one, when i go back to docs I will ask. There is also the test to detect cholestrol levels and blood clotting times.

  • I am also completely fed up of steroids which I have been on since January and have only ever got down to taking 10mg before I end up getting either admitted or the steroids get increased back up to 40mg to try and keep me out of hospital 😢

  • I'm sorry to hear that, is there nothing else the docs can try? I found,as I said earlier, buying my own nebuliser machine has kept me out of hospital, it enables me to breathe enough that I can wait until I can get to docs, I also have emergency steroids and antis at home as a standby,  they call it a rescue pack, I'm sure you know all this, I don't understand how some sufferers are well controlled and some aren't. I'm sure you wish to be well controlled like I do.

  • Yeah I would love to be well controlled. I am just home after another 6 day stay in hospital where I was on ipatropium bromide and salbutamol nebulisers four times a day. I see my normal consultant on Monday ( I am at home from uni on holiday so saw a different consultant who was useless) so hopefully will get some answers and a plan as I cannot keep going on like this!!

    I think I am going to talk to my consultant about the possibility of home nebulisers ( I know would have to buy my own but that not an issue) but would need to see about getting the medication prescribed! 

  • Yes,  I had to get assurance from my doc,. But she was happy to prescribe it. She knew as I had been a nurse for many years I would only use it in an emergency. I use it only when absolutely necessary,  I do hope they let you have one.

  • Yeah I am hoping so. That is soo funny I am a student nurse and am struggling to keep up with uni and placement just now! 

  • I can't even imagine how you cope, good luck with becoming a nurse, but I'm glad I'm retired now!

  • Have you been on any other inhalers over the last couple of years?  Maybe these particular inhalers are not right for you?  Has your Doc suggested a change?  Presume you have seen a respiratory consultant as you have had a CT Scan.  Maybe it is time to go back to see the consultant again?  Have you had allergy tests?  I am clutching at straws here but something might work.  Hope you get to the bottom of this soon.


  • Hi Sian,

             I was 1st started in seretide125, then seretide250, then 500. Another gp then discontinued those because I don't have copd and started me on the Symbicort. I have had no allergy tests, I have never had any allergies , the only possibility which was given was giving up smoking started this.As for my respiratory consultant, I saw him 3 times ,all he said on those occasions was my condition didn't make sense, just keep on with the inhalers, so I stopped going. I've decided to revisit my gp and talk over options for different inhalers, thanks for your input, it's very welcome tc and keep well.

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