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Ok hospital review yesterday 🙃not sure I have asthma, told me the best way for them to know is not to take any meds if I feel an attack coming and come straight to the hospital for a checkup😃😃 i said you are joking right you are closed at night, he said 8 am is fine..I said I don't think so not wanting to appear rude but 🙄🙄

Probable LAM probable primary Sjorgren..I will see the top man on June 3rd so no nebs we wait and see..

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  • Good luck. 

  • Thank you 😊😊

  • How bizarre to say that. Oh gosh😕 stay well and just take each day u know your own body nobody else. 😊

  • Thank you Shezxx yes you're right 🌷🌺🌸

  • Hi there, yes, Sjorgren is an interesting one. I've sometimes wondered about that as I am labled with having Chronic fatigue. One of the problems of suggesting it to a medico is that I can't pronounce it! Your latest news show they have some funny ideas over there too!;0) I'm paying the price tonight for having dairy earlier! My choice though! We had a bitterly cold day here today with sleet, rain and a cutting wind. I succumbed to a bowl of hot soup, a chunk of home made bread, and.... Some butter! Weak willed or what!;0)  It was tasty though! Good luck with it all....

    Gino x

  • Hi Gino 😊

    Yes they are "trial and error" like there is nothing certain, which is true enough but makes me feel uneasy. It's a life lesson but now I have to take it one day at a time, here and now more than ever..🌺🌷🌸 or🍻? To make it better..😃definitely ☀️🌻☀️

    Yes they are asking me to eat yoghurt or fromage blanc for calcium but it doesn't agree with me either. Inflammatory. 

     Sjorgren is tough but my blood test came up negative just the eye specialist being insistant after the blotting paper test!!

    Isn't winter long this year.. I've been walking well wrapped up blowing candles on effort instead of using ventolin 🌬🌬 the specialist told me more than 6 times a day the lung rebels and gets used to it..so that's that.. But the panorama helps and I  found a cheap therapist and had a great back massage laying on my side. He read my notes and said we'll do the back today and you will feel better. And I did. Going again end of next week.!

    Take Gino. Keep in touch xx

  • You must feel like a walking talking medical encyclopedia by now :-( I just had to Google the sjorgren issue as I have never heard of it before! I guess you're feeling pretty fed up at present- especially where the medical "advice" is  concerned- I certainly would be- but I'm glad you enjoyed  (and benefitted from) your recent back massage :-) Hugs from London! 

  • Thanks Flossie yes I will be fed up until June 3rd I think 😃😃 yes I had to lool everything up but feeling grateful I don't have half the symptoms they describe! Thanks for the hugs I need them!! 🌺🌷🌸

  • I'd never heard of Sjorgren's either...good luck anyway & I hope all the 'trial & error' sorts something out for you before too long.

    As for winter...an inch of snow here this morning & it's nearly May :(

  • It's a dryness disease dry eyes throat etc but severe if I understand. Thank you for kind words.. It will probably all come into place..Snow on the heights as well here :)) 😊😊

  • I hope everything goes ok for you. 

    Take care

  • Thank you Asthma-Girl 🌺😂🌸

  • Surely there is a hospital near you that is open at night?  There must be an A&E or emergency room or something?  Though if they are going to ask you to stop your medication they should admit you.  Hope you get something sorted out soon.



  • Hi Sian

    Yes but the local respiratory specialist hospital for the whole county is in the town I live in. 5mn behind the house! I'm really lucky. 

    If I go to A&E in the next town I'll have the usual emergency treatment but he wants to see me personally 

    so when I first came they wanted to admit me for 3 weeks but I didn't have my papers yet and I needed that to get the medical insurance. Everything is private in this country so I made a deal😉 I would come as an outpatient and pay for tests as  needed. The docs were all helpful they held on their billing until I got the insurance. I think the fact I had this rare disease puzzled them. Well some of them told me so. So Im grateful in a way.

    Thanks Sian xx


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