Interested in forums? Want to help shape Asthma UK’s online community ?

Asthma UK is holding a workshop next week to explore what online peer support could look like in the future. We want to use the workshop ideas to help steer Asthma UK’s future direction in online community support.

We are keen to have the ideas and views of someone with asthma who uses this Asthma UK forum. Is this something that might interest you? We have 6-8 people attending from other charities and organisations that are involved in running or developing online communities.

The workshop is on 4th May, from 1.30-4.00pm at our offices in Aldgate, London. We are able to reimburse any travel expenses.

Do email Andrew Proctor at Asthma UK ( if you are interested. Andrew can send more information and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update: We have someone attending this meeting, thanks all for your help!

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  • Hi I would love to but am nowhere near London.  Most things like this are only done in the big cities and mainly London which isn't a true representation of the rest of us.  x

  • I have been using the Forum for years now and have many thoughts on how it could be improved etc.  But such short notice!!    I have a sneaking feeling Asthma UK don't want to know the views of real users, putting up a post on here is just to show that they have asked us but they know most people can't make the meeting.

  • Hi all I interested in this and email to request to go to this meeting. I will get back to you when I get a reply. I live in bristol and I think it necessary for our voices to be hear. If it wasn't for us there would be no forum. 

  • Good for you. They should have given more notice.  I will be emailing with my thoughts.  Let us know how you get on.

  • I thinking of creating a poll. If anyone has ideas of how and what to do it. Thoughts ladies and gentleman

  • Email from them further discussion tomorrow by phone in the morning.  Will update after that.

  • Thanks to those who have expressed an interest in attending the event next week. Angievere I'm sorry we weren't able to give more time. Following this event we would want to consult wider with forum users about what people like and what people want from the forum, so there will be other opportunities in the future to feedback your views.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you Administrator. I appreciate your response. I have had many years of association with Asthma UK and seen many changes, including the Forum. My husband has just run the London Marathon on behalf of Asthma UK so you will appreciate we are very serious in our concern for the charity.  If it is alright with you I will email my thoughts on the forum to Andrew Proctor.

  • Hi angievere,

    Please do email your thoughts through, I'm sure Andrew would be more than happy to take those in and get back to you to address any issues he can.


  • Thank you.

  • Hi all I spoke to the person concerned this morning about the workshop. The reason for the late notification was that the one person they asked had to drop out. This meeting is more technical on how to deliver asthma uk forum, software systems, costing and value for money. All important for a charity to be able to run their forum well etc. 

    Later on workshop will be held for people who use the forum to see how to make it better etc. 

  • That's great elanaoali, well done and thank you for finding out.  Hope you're ok. xx

  • I am fine at the moment.  Jut a touch of thrush.  Looking forward to Wednesday metting.  Nervous but want to on really get involved. So glad I can go for us all. Not able to work at the moment due to family issues.  Like to turn this to good, I thank God for this opportunity to give back. Off to London Tuesday pm back Thursday.  Staying at my sisters. Tuesday is world asthma day so great to h have this meeting making this very current.  

  • All the best in London.  Let us know how you get on and thank you for going. xx

  • Just getting into london staying over night with my sis. Really for the mtg tomorrow. Excited but nervous and looking forward to learning something knew. Keep you all update when the mtg over. 

  • Here at asthma uk ready lunch and mtg bit nervous

  • Enjoy the mtg so interesting 

  • Really good discussion

  • Hi all my brain is still digesting what was said at the meeting. Although the other people were people were more of the professional I didnt feel out of my depth. Upshot is that they want to get the forum better technically uses what resources they on a budget. At the center of all this is the user i.e. us. So watch this space. 

  • Hi all back home after yesterday meeting. I think its watch this space for the next mtg which will be for the forum users. 

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