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Not a great week Grrrrrrrr..


Hello, after much trial and error I had finally got this asthma thing under control 😉 Off the steroids , started exercising again and then went into work on Thursday morning to be told that I was a casualty of 're-organisation ' and my job no longer existed.  I've been there 6 years.  Suffice to say a massive shock, I'm still trying to process it all.  

 I think the stress of this brought on an excaberation/Mini attack on Friday morning  (I'm not quite sure what the difference is between excaberation and attack) and now I'm trying to cope with the effects of that as well as the emotions of losing my job which I loved. 😒 I'm taking my emergency Pred again, ventolin etc and hopefully I'll get it under control.  

They are going to pay me some money which is good, but I wondered if anyone else has gone through this and how you coped with all the conflicting emotions...


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oh no I'm so sorry to hear this.  I've not been through it personally but stress will probably have contributed to your symptoms. I hope you can get sorted.

I'm so sorry that you've lost your job.

I hope you manage to get your asthma under control again. 

Hi Stacey, I am sorry to hear about your job that is very stressful as well as trying to keep your asthma under control. I haven't been through exactly the same as you but the company I work for tried to retire me because of my health but I fought them and thankfully they stopped. The only problem I have is they wont give me full time hours because I have a lot of time off. What I would say is concentrate on what you can control and not what you cant. Keep on top of our health. Who knows what amazing opportunities are waiting for you now. I wish you good luck and good health x



Hi Stacey, not very nice for sure, normal your body reacted to stress. On the bright side you will get a bit of money and a chance to rest and get better, even find something you like to do and enjoy :)))

Thank you all for your lovely support it really does help ❤️

I've been writing handover notes today and later I'm going in to clear my desk, but at my pace and at least I can leave with my head held high.  I managed a relatively good night's sleep last night, so I do feel better today.  Still breathless at times and a bit Shakin Stevens as I call it from the ventolin 😉 

As you say with the money I can afford to sit back for a couple of month's and decide what I want to do which will be nice.

Again, thank you for your support xxx

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