Still feeling wiped out!!

I recently joined this forum after I spent total of 24 days in hospital. Brief outline was:initially taken in breathing problems quickly became exhausted despite 4 nebs,IV hydrocortisone, IV Magnesium, transfered to ITU.3 days later onto ward only to be moved to side room diagnosis Swine Flu later complication of pneumonia all of which flared my asthma.2.5 weeks later home only to be rushed back in breathing problems again admitted and on another lot of IV antibiotics (2lots when in before)and nebs. Was discharged after further 5 nights. I don't know if I'm expecting too much but it's my third day at home but I feel like I couldn't fight my way out a wet paper bag! Had a bath last night but my daughter had to wash my hair. I took my last antibiotic today and have 1 day left of steriods. Last 2 nights I have been coughing through night and today I can feel/hear tiny crackles.

I am not actually sleeping but am just laying on bed have not actually been up since discharge. I just feel completely wiped out. Am I expecting too much or should I be doing better by now?

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  • Hi Akela, crackling is not good, when you breathe or cough it means mucus in the lung, where is it? I got crackling with pleurisy. Go to A & E if you are unwell tonight or still have it tomorrow especially as you will have finished your meds. Take care xxx

  • It's only faint and on and off and feel more on left which is the side that had the infection the first time and when I was readmitted said xray was a little HAZY on the left. It seems to have gone off since I wrote last post!

  • It can move around get it checked it's for the best .. Xxx

  • The crackling definitely doesn't sound very good, you should get that checked out.

    I think being as wiped as you are is to be expected given what you've gone through. I know I'm exhausted and I haven't been through half of what you have been through. Your body is going to need time to recuperate especially when you had so many things to fight at once.

    I suffer from a chronic fatigue condition as well and know that when I have multiple things happen at once it leaves me floored for a long time, I have a feeling it might be the same for you. You've only been home a short while but your body is still fighting and building its resources and immunities back up. 

    When I was first really poorly with my CFC I found a great website called "But You Don't Look Sick" created by a women called Christine Miserandino who has lupus. She created a theory she calls the "Spoon Theory" to help to explain to her friends and family what it is like to live with something such as lupus. I always direct people I know to it to try and help them understand what it is like to live with a condition which drains you so drastically (the theory applies to any condition which drains you of energy). I found it really helps show people and helped me as well see about being realistic with my condition and how I manage it.

     Take each day - even take each hour as it comes and go from there. I try to set myself a small goal each day and slowly build on it. My goals for today were to put the rubbish out and put a fresh bag in the bin, and sort out the dishes - that was it and I was wrecked.

    Its not easy especially if you are used to being active coming down with something that floors you completely.

    If you need to talk or anything like that, even if its to vent about how frustrated you are, I am here to listen. You have been so kind to me since I came on here and I hope I can return the kindness.

  • Ah thank you so much for your kind words. Maybe I am expecting too much having 3 days. It's weird but even in hospital things that happened felt ages ago which I'm sure does not make sense. Although only been out 3 full days it feels like ages??which I think that's why I feel so pathetic. It's so strange how I feel.

  • A differing sense of time and perspective from being in hospital definitely will contribute. 

    The one thing I've learned over the years is that there is no right or wrong way to feel. Some days you are going to feel in such a muddle you don't know what to do with yourself, others you will be angry while on other days high as a kite, jubilant or even just mellow. There is nothing wrong with feeling any of those things.

    Being as sick as you have been is going to take it out of you and it will take a little bit of time to get over it not just physically but mentally too. People underestimate the impact being unwell can have on your mental state.

    Just remember that no matter what you are feeling even if it seems completely illogical and disproportionate to the situation, you have the right to feel it. Your body and mind need to sort through everything and that needs to come out somehow.

    Things will improve slowly but it will take time.

  • Have to say I mentioned to my gp that it's weird I keep having moments when I can hear voices and almost go through an event like being taken for a CT scan and I can hear voices saying have you got different emergency drugs and you have the intubation kit of you need it!(that was scarey). Being hooked up to different monitors but not being able to do anything about things. Gp said flashbacks common when been on itu

  • maybe ask about CBT or something like that, I've been through that before and it really helped me with my panic attacks about returning to work. You've been through a lot and its so much to process.

  • Really sorry you're having a bad time. Hope things improve for you.

  • I am so sorry, I wish I could help. I truly hope your medical team can find some relief soon. 

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