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What do you wish you’d known about your child’s asthma?

How did you feel when your child was first diagnosed? How do you and your child manage their asthma together now?

Asthma UK is looking for a small number of parents whose children (under 12) have asthma, for an exciting new project.

We’re about to create our first-ever films to help real parents share their stories, and support others who have just started on their asthma journey.

You don’t have to be a natural performer, just willing to be interviewed on-camera about your child’s asthma, how it affects you, and the tips and tricks which make things easier.

You’d need to be available for a half-day shoot in London in early June. To help you get there, we’ll pay your travel expenses, and provide lunch. And it’ll be a great chance to meet other parents in a similar situation.

If you’d like to know more about how your story could help bring our new website to life, please email tellus@asthma.org.uk and tell us:

•    How long ago your child was diagnosed

•    Any breakthroughs, top tips or advice you’d like to share with other parents

•    Any days in June 2016 when you would not be available for a half-day shoot.

By giving just half a day, you could make a huge difference. Thank you!

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Too old now but when younger, we watched this TV documentary about removing allergens that cause asthma....quite an eye opener and changed the way we managed the bedroom environment. Perhaps every parent should watch it. Still trying to locate Part 2.



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