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Severe mould allergy to mail with asthma

Hi everyone,

I'm just frusterated and was hoping someone here could relate. I had a sinus infection and the flu in Dec-March, so am catching up on going through my mail, and it is tax season here in the States. But I've had this problem for a while.

I have been quite allergic to my mail for some time, but in the last year it has gotten very very bad. Like I swear the back of my throat starts to swell, and I'm still on 20 mg of prednisone.

Everyone keeps telling me to wear a mask, but it is very uncomfortable, and I've been spending hours trying to catch up where things are thrown out and filed.

Once I catch up I can see this being more manageable, but was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem? I feel so lazy avoiding my mail, but I am truely allergic to it and have trouble breathing. :-/.

I have a friend who has gotten cats in the last year, and she was going through mail that had built up, and my whole tongue etc. swelled up. I can't even go over there anymore and it is sad because she has a hard time getting out.


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I'm a little bit confused by what you're describing as you mention mould, cats and your post.

I haven't come across allergies to paper before so what is it you think that is actually present in the envelopes/post that might be causing you the problem?

Are you certain it's the post that's the problem? Have you tried taking it elsewhere to open? Might it be stress if you're worried about the contents of the letters or having to deal with a mounting backlog?

I'm not saying that's the problem, but if it is paper pure & simple then that's an unusual allergy & you probably need some specialist help. If you can evidence that it genuinely is that then I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to pass that information on to the people who are sending you written post & ask for it electronically.

However I think you need to look at the wider picture & see if it's something else coincidental to the post or in the environent where you open it.

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Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. Is it the adhesive in stamps & envelopes? I am allergic to these and have to limit my contact. Can be a problem at work 


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