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Hi, I've got breathlessness  exacerbation now, tried to phone hospital for a few weeks every day to check for cancellations, there weren't any. Also tried to phone the consultant's secretary for advise numerous times, she promises to speak to the consultant and never gets back.

My Gp always says that  if the hospital cannot control my asthma, then he cannot either , so there is no point going there .

Just wondering If it's similar situation in the other hospitals- impossible to get any advise.

Also - i am not completely sure that I don't have other contributors to my breathlessness  apart from asthma but the asthma consultant never advise, who else should I see and Gp is saying - if you already got an asthma diagnosis, why are you looking for anything else- all referrals are coming from Gp surgery's budget so they are very reluctant to refer.

My asthma diagnosis was mainly established because I have high eosinophils 

I have been  taking prednisolone from my emergency packs for 3 days x 40 mg a day, it does not seem to help!

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  • Hi do you have a respiratory nurse at your local surgery you can contact?    Do you think you have a chest infection?  Sorry to be gross but if you are coughing up yellow or green phlegm then it probably is.   Steroids on their own won't help as you need ab's too. 

    Steroids are good for non infectious exacerbations and if they aren't helping then something else is wrong.    If you don't have any ab's at home then contact your doctor to get some.    x

  • No, no cough . I had chronic cough for  4 years or so but then it was replaced with mainly breathlessness in the last couple if yearsj

  • Hi well if you are breathless then something is wrong and you need to seek help.   Can you see another GP at your surgery?  

    Are you or have you ever been a smoker or been a lot around those who smoked?

    What meds are you on?   x

  • Oh check out Asthma.UK as they have nurses on call there who might be able to help.  x

    You can also ring British Lung Foundation who deal with all lung issues.   I will find the number for you and add it. 

  • 03000 030 555 x

  • Thanks, I  am on seretide  250 mg x 4 a day , tried montelukast, Spiriva, nothing seems to help

    Salbutamol doesn't help either

    Never have been smoking .Had various lung functions tests, echocardiogram and pulmonary  CT a while ago , they weren't too bad. The only thing they found - high blood eosinophils

  • Hi well I am stumped now! Only 1 suggestion why don't you join British Lung Foundation as well as this one?   That's another HU site.    That's for all lung diseases,  including asthma.     It is a big site and heavily used and I am sure you will get lots of advice on there too.  x

  • Thanks, I will try to repost there

  • Hi Polzo I would go to A&E if you are that breathless they will see what your oxygen levels are etc.. You can easily take 5 days of pred. I usually take 10 days before tapering down.  A lot of pollen at the moment maybe that affects you, it affects me despite zirtek etc..

    Take care xxx

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