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My 6 year old son has asthma within the past year and uses clenil 2puffs morning and night plus salbutamol when needed. His voice has now become hoarse and low. It sounds as if his voice has broken and although its not sore i am worried as it has been like this for months, the doctor has said its because of the steroid but i am unsure and need advice as i feel it has been like this for too long and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks 

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  • Hi, does your son rince his mouth out with water after taking his centil inhaler? I have always been advised to do this with my steroid inhaler. Don't know if it will help.

  • Rinsing his mouth should help. Most steroid inhalers can affect your voice and it's usually routine advice to rinse.

  • I don't think that's normal.

    As the others have said definitely make sure he rinses well & drinks water regularly. It may be a particular reaction/side effect for your boy, but if that's the case then other inhalers are available & might be worth trying if rinsing doesn't help & there's no other obvious cause.

    You can report medicine side effects if you search for the 'yellow card scheme'.

  • My younger son was put on a steroid inhaler aged three, and I don't recall that he had this problem, although I admit he wasn't on clenil.  He did use a spacer, and I'm assuming your son does likewise (if he doesn't ask your GP for a spacer device and make sure you are told how to use it).

  • Hi, it sounds like he has oral thrush, which is a common side effect with inhaled steroids, using a spacer will help and as the other people have said, make sure he has a drink after he takes it. There are other inhalers that they could try so go back to your doctor or your asthma nurse if you have one. Good luck! 

  • Thanks everyone never been told about rinsing out after taking now going to be part of our daily routine and he uses a spacer will try all above really appreciate your advice thanks again 

  • By rinsing, it means clean his teeth first, rinse out, gargle (he'll like this bit once he has the idea) then 2 swallows of fresh water.  You also need to help him breathe in from the bottom of his tum rather than gasp at the inhaler. You can try getting him to breathe in and out isolating his left lung so his ribs push out on his right when he breathes in, then the right, then back then front. He holds his hands against his ribs so he can feel them move - or not move. I did this when I was 7. It's a good party trick!

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