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Flu, Symbicort and breathlessness

Hi All,

I came down with flu like symptoms two days ago - severe headache, nausea, muscle pain, exhaustion.  Today the flu symptoms are easing but I am very breathes.  I can just about cope sitting down but getting up and moving around leaves me breathless.  I have used my Symbicort all twelve times today.  How do I manage my asthma symptoms until tomorrow?  What do others on Symbicort do?

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Hi emmasue,

Sorry you are feeling unwell. I do not take symbicort, but am brittle asthmatic. If your inhaler is not working i would advise you go to you local hospital or call your gp for advice as you may need nebulisers. 

Hope you feel better sonn and keep us posted on how you get on :) 


Thanks. I hate going to A&E unless I am really bad. I am sick of A&E doctors telling me I am not too bad. I might wait until morning and ring my GP

What is brittle asthma like? An out of hours GP once said she thought I had brittle asthma because the nebuliser didn't help. But the asthma nurse said it isn't brittle asthma. 



Brittle asthma is hard to live with. I have many attacks, many requiring intensive care, even though i am on a very large amounts of inhalers, medications. I also have home nebs. 

Hope you feel bettef soon and manage to see your gp :)


I guess that's why the asthma nurse says I don't have brittle asthma, it's not so bad that I end up in intensive care.  I do have situations where the nebulisers and inhalers make no difference.  I have gotten to the point where I was blacking out once, but it could be worse.  The biggest threat I have is if I get a chest infection. I usually end up quite poorly with those.  I don't feel I am in an emergency situation however I am not well enough to get up and do things, not good when you have two children!

Hope you are okay too.


I struggke day to day too, i also have 2 children and its  hard on them too.

Please see how you go and if you are no better seek help. 


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Sorry to hear you're so unwell. I'm on Symbicort too. The Asthma UK helpline respiratory nurses told me that if I'm that breathless (which I was a few weeks ago and you sound to be) then it will be more difficult to inhale the symbicort - keep using it but also use your ventolin inhaler (assuming you have one, if not head to A&E and see if you can get one/go on a nebuliser). Good luck and feel better soon!


Thanks!  I didn't realise this.  I'll have to use my Ventolin first and then the Symbicort when I am breathless.  I was basically told I didn't really need the Ventolin anymore, but I guess that isn't quite true.  Not that I would ever leave myself without it and make sure I have a back up supply!  I am feeling a bit better today, still breathless walking my kids to school, but not so bad that I can't get anything done.  Hopefully I am on the mend.


So annoying when this happens. I have got the same problem as you right now; I am on Symbicort, I am feeling breathless too. I found out I have a virus. Sorry to hear you're unwell too. They wouldn't give me anything to help me with my virus except annoying pain relief. Over the whole thing like you most likely will be too. Get better soon.


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