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Xolair - Side effects

Hi guys, after months and months of discussions I finally started on Xolair last week (Friday). Everything seemed to be going ok until Saturday night when I suddenly started getting fairly severe pain in my legs (calf, knee joints and ankles), after no sleep on Saturday night things didn't improve too much on Sunday, the pain though not constant seemed to keep moving from knee, to ankle to shoulder, elbow and wrist, basicially all my joints have suffered along with further pain in my calf, hamstring and upper arms. Today I am still in pain but not quite as bad. I have spoken to my respiratory team who think it could be related to the Xolair but aren't sure as they haven't seen these effects before.

Obviously it is pain (no pun) as I can't take anti inflamatories.

Has any body else had these problems?


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Hi Yorkieron, my son (18) has Xolair and never had the side effects you describe. Xolair has really helped him, it took a few months  to take effect but changed things around for him.

Hope things improve for you.  Keep us posted.


Hello, my daughter aged 15 has similar with Xolair, she has only been on it 6-7 weeks and we are hoping the paint settles down. She has pain in wrists and calves, she said it's quite a sever pain and not just an ache.

Like you we have waited a very long time to get started on Xolair so everything crossed it settles down. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.


Pain not paint!! 


hopefully this reply is second time lucky the first one disappeared half way through! I was on Xolair for 18 months and had awful pain in my fingers and wrists after each injection. It eased a bit just before the next injection and then I would go through the same. I had difficulty writing and had to give up playing the piano as it got so bad. The hospital decided to stop the injections as they were only giving limited relief and it has taken a good 3 years to get back to any normality and I am still not there yet. Hope you get some relief soon. 


What is xolair if you don't mind me asking ? 


Hi mark ..... Interesting to read this, I've been in anticipation waiting to Xolair for what seems for ever (12 months) my respitory team at the Brompton seem undecided  if my asthma is allergy related, I'm border line apparently !!! But I've been on 20mg of pred now for over 12 months. (Not good) but can't function without !! 

Hope the pain subsides for you..... Keep me posted on the results of Xolair !? 


I have been on Xolair for 18mths via the Brompton, no side affects  and for me it is a miracle drug. Was in resuss  at least 6 times in 2014 Dec - June and spent weeks in hosp.

Only had one exacerbation since and have no need for Ventolin anymore.


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