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choking cough with asthma

Hi, I am looking to see if anyone has had similar symptoms to me with their asthma.

This year I have had a pretty tough time. Since September I have had four exacebations of my asthma requiring oral steroid therapy. I seem to have been sick the entire winter.

Recently I have been having sudden choking coughing episodes that then develop into a big audible wheeze. It can occur any time even when I am doing nothing but worsen when I do something not even too strenuous. My peak flows are normally 550 but again down to 300 once again although I dont really know if they have gone much up beyond 400 for the entire winter.

My usual therapy is symbicort smart regime and beconase nasal spray.

Im at my wits end and looking to do anything to avoid yet another course of steroids ( where I think I might be heading!)

Any help or idea?

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Stay positive ! Its pretty tough over the winter months but the weather is improving. 

I have found that things like dust and cold air and things like that make a difference.  Good luck to you xx


You too! And yes, those are some of my worst triggers. Cold air, exercise, dust, some animal dander and perfumes/strong scents are all pretty bad. Thankfully the winter is almost over, and this all should get a little better soon!

Good luck!


Hi Sea not having a go but are you aware that the minimum age to be on an HU site is 16?   You have said you are 15.  x


Hi this is taken from the Privacy Statement

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Yes, I have had this recently.  I had a very bad chest infection and then this has started.  With the sudden onset I have wondered if it is in part due to reflux, one of the antibiotics I took makes this worse.  But I am not sure.  A friend however ha d a strange cough earlier in the year and it was diagnosed as a mild form of whooping cough (he was vaccinated as a child) and that the cough but it went on for ages.  I wouldn't leave seeking advice though, a short course of steroids may e all you need and quickly over.  With your peak flow dropping so quickly it sounds serious and steroids, whilst not great, is better than being dead.


Hello, to echo lesleyl, it has been a very 'damp' winter. Not sure which part of the world you are in, but in terms of humidity and rainfall this has been a record year for the UK. Hopefully getting a little drier now, although we have the 'April Showers' to deal with! I suspect that you already know your triggers, but with the coughing element, do you suffer from any stomach acid issues? As acid-reflux/GERD can cause cough variant asthma, this can be controlled quite quickly with a short spell of Lansoprazole and changes to diet. Hoping that things are getting better for yourself soon.


Hi there, it seems like several of us have had a bad winter cough. For me it really helped by giving up dairy. It's worth a try and results are seen quickly. It's horrid to be coughing all the time then not able to breath too! Good luck with it....



go back to the doctor and get more tests done. ask if u have allergies and get it checked out. keep well


Pebbles 1012: Have you tried going to the beach? It seems being near the sea is good for people with asthma. Also, I'm thinking whether it would be better to replace the carpet for a vinyl-plain floor or any other material of the sort. All the best!


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