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Chest aching again

I have been off my seretide for over 3 wks now. Peak flow perfect has been all through when on this inhaler switch to Flixotide which is just a preventive. 250mg twice a day. Due to reduce future on subday to one puff twice a day. However my chest has started to ache again first though it was due to swimming etc. Now not so sure. Have a seretide inhaler left over could try that a see if its helps. Going to try and get appointment with asthma nurse or GP. Prefer my asthma nurse. Thoughts 

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Seretide good for me


Go for the nurse!


I have an appointment bookedf for the 27th nonething til then. Put myself back on Seretide on Saturday and my chest has improved.  Wet and dampness  bothered me yesterday rushing to get for appointment at doctors.  A bit of a cough but inhaler helped.  Peak flow still perfect but has been all along since using Seretide for 3 months and the other preventive inhaler.  Warmer weather helps Feeling good even went around a friend with cat which was purring around us. 

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