No good news this Time had bad coughing fit and had X-ray shows I have another colapsed lung that's y I been having pains in chest and breathing not good so got to go in with the scope again tomorrow into lungs and c what's happening got physio at 7.30 pm to c if thay can help I cried when he told me felt so daft but just had enough of it all now sorry to go on rant over 

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  • Sorry to read your update .  I was hoping you hsd turned the corner. Hope your news improves soon. Take care . 

  • Hi thanks I did till they wanted a spirometey done and I couldn't breathe and had bad sharp chest pains when I started coughing c what the tests show tomorrow morning 

  • Sorry to hear you're suffering again. Hope the physio helps and your ok.

  • Bless you! It is not fair but be brave and try to be optimistic and positive. Luv and hugs xxx

  • Collapsed again? At least it happened while you were there.  Same side?  Soooo sorry, hope you are resting now😘😘😘😘😘

  • Cry, let it out, you have been thru so much, it is okay!!!!!

    Have they eased your pain ?

    Praying for God's healing and Favor !

  • How did you get through the the night Tracey?

  • Not a great night had lots of nebs and on this machine all night all ready to go down for surgery just a waiting game now very nervous on about a lung wash not nice il let u know how it goes as soon as I'm back awake again 

  • I hope everything goes well for you. You really deserve some extra special good luck xxxx

  • Poor you. I hope that you can feel the warmth and support coming to you from the community out here;0) Hope it proves for you....


  • Hi yea I am feeling the love and support from everyone especially on here as well everyone been lovely 

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