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Joined Forum Last Month after a Chest Infection , like others of you out there.  I had for many years been

taking Serevent Accuhaler and Pulmicort Turbohaler 400 with Bricyanyl 0.5 mg as a reliever.  However on visiting surgery with infection I was changed to Symbicort 400 which has I think left me with a cough and wheeze, which Bricyanyl did nothing to relieve, and  which I didn't have before the infection.   Anyway have been to the Doctor today and have now been put on Seritide 100 - one puff night and day still with the Bricyanyl.  Has anyone else out there been put off Symbicort 400 to be put onto Seritide 100 and found this to be successful.   I know we are all different but I would appreciate any comments. Thanks

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  • have had ongoing chest infection since January.  Had Duo-resp, seritide symbicort nothing worked felt powder sticking in throat gone back to original Ventolin and clenil. Am uing Ventolin a lot. Non stop drip down back of nose ..stops clears up for a week and starts again.. since January. on 2nd lot of steroids and 3rd lot of antibiotics.  GP sending me for x ray. Deep cough developed with pain on left side of back.  Just feel will never be free of this awful scenario

  • Hope you are feeling well soon.  I seems that on this site a lot of us have had infections recently on top of our asthma problems (me included) and I hope you find an answer with x ray ............

  • I found Seretide 100 kept my asthma under control but suddenly I was taken off it with no explanation. I was then put on a few different ones and now take Fostair 200. I asked my doctor if I could go back on Seretide but he refused and I was told they are not allowed to prescribe it anymore because of side effects. I never used Ventolin whilst I was on Seretide but I do now!

  • 'Side effects'!  That's laughable!  All steroid inhalers carry the risk of side effects!  I suspect the real reason (which apparently some medical practitioners have been honest enough to admit) is cost.  If it was being phased out it's odd that in some areas patients are being put on it, as in the case of Teigan01.

  • Hi Maggie HP I Didn't know Seretide 500 was being phased out.  Anyway as I said I was prescribed it yesterday., so will let you know how I get on with it. I just hope it works for me.  When I was there I said the Bricanyl  0.5 was not acting as a reliever last month and asked about Ventolin, I saw some people on this site used it - I got a grunt and was told Bricanyl does work.  I didn't really need it on Serevent and Pulmicort but on Symbicort it definitely didn't work but then neither did the Symbicort.  I'll let you know how I am in a couple of weeks and hope you are well.


  • There have been reports on this forum of people being taken off seretide unexpectedly and I don't think it's confined to the 500 version.  I have a friend who's had the same thing happen to him and he was on 125.   At the moment it seems to be localised, and reasons given as to why it's being 'withdrawn' seem to vary - which is why I'm suspicious, particularly when some people have been told it's because of cost!  From what I've heard, it's been very effective for a lot of people.  The steroid component is called fluticasone, one of the most potent steroids for asthma out there.  I myself am on flixotide, which uses the same steroid as seretide but doesn't have the long acting bronchodilator salmeterol (which is what is in serevent).  The fact that people are being placed on it (you are one of a number of people on this forum who have said they've been put on it by their doctors) is another reason why I'm not convinced that it's being phased out for medical reasons.  A couple of people have also reported that they were put back on it when their condition deteriorated rapidly after being put on something else.  

    Hope it works well for you:-)

  • Hi Karjade.  I hope this finds you in a better place with your breathing if not you need to go back as I said I was prescribed Seretide 500 yesterday.  Is it the cost?   I still don't understand why I took such a relapse but I have to admit now that I wasn't paying enough attention to my asthma and just getting by on Serevent and Pulmicort.   Is Bricanyl the same as Ventolin because Bricanyl did nothing for me on the short time I was on Symbicort which left me with a wheeze and cough.  I will let you know in a couple of weeks how I am on the Seritide 500.  Go back to your Doctor meantime, I know you have to be brave as I never got an answer between Bricanyl and Ventolin which I have seen a lot of on this site. Take Care ...

  • Thank you Teigan01.  I have asked both doctors in our Practice if I can go back on Seretide but both refused. I do not think it is the cost but I was told by both our doctors of the side effects and they would not be prescribing it anymore. Ventolin is a rescue inhaler - Salbutamol is another name for it. It is not a steroid preventative.

  • Thanks Karjade for your reply.  As I have said I have only been put on Seritide this week and have been given a six week appointment to see Doctor again so I'm hoping that there is an improvement in my breathing when I see him.   I have a feeling that the inhaler you are on is not working for you to the extent you would wish but it must be a bit depressing for you when your GP decides not to let you try a drug you have asked for  My good wishes go to you.  I hope you get sorted out.....

  • Thank you xx

  • my seretide was changed just over a year ago to flutiform contains the same steroid but different long acting. it is apparantly a better drug in that it uses different propellent and allows the medication to work deeper in the lungs it has made a huge difference to my asthma control. 

  • As you say, flutiform, like seretide and flixotide, has fluticasone has its steroid component.  You were lucky to get put on it instead, but from what've read on this forum/heard from an asthmatic friend of mine, not everyone is so fortunate. 

  • I have recently had my inhaler changed from fostair to seretide 500 and also now been put on spiriva as well. It seems strange that some people are still being prescribed seretide and others not!

  • It's also one of the main reasons why I suspect it has more to do with cost.   

  • Hi Kashwi Thanks for your reply.  As I only joined this forum recently I wasn't aware that some Doctors were not prescribing Seritide 500.  I have only been using it for four days so I don't know how it will affect me and I am not due to go back for six weeks.  I do know though that I am better on it than the symbicort which I was only on a few days.  I don't know what Spiriva is??  I was told not to throw out my serevent meantime as I might be put back on it.  But Im sure if I don't have complaints about the Seritide he will forget even saying that.   Lol

  • Yeah i was unaware that some drs were not prescribing seretide aswell. I have been using it for 4 weeks now but unfortunately still remain uncontrolled which is why we have also added in in Spiriva which is another long acting inhaler used in COPD but also used in difficult asthma to see if that improves things any as i am also already on ventolin, montelukast and 20mg pred which we are currently trying to cut down but every time we try i end up back admitted to hospital! Already been admitted 5 times this year but will hopefully make it through the next 4 weeks when i am due to see my consultant again! Really hope the seretide works for you and you get good news when you see your dr again!

  • Thanks Kashwi I can only hope the same for you.  I am certainly making myself more aware of Asthma since I joined this community and getting to know the different types of inhalers out there.  Hope things improve for you soon. ....

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