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Great GP experiences

Four weeks ago I was having big problems breathing. Was given pred, told to come back the weekend if still having trouble. Got an emergency appointment on Monday. My chest sounded clear, no cough, no phlegm but he listened to me, did a peak flow, and said "Right, no signs of a chest infection but I think you are getting one. Antibiotics, blood tests, come back tomorrow and we'll see what your bloods say."

He stayed late on the Tuesday so he could give me my results as soon as they came through and to check me again.  

Now to this week. Breathless on Monday, bad night, felt worse Tuesday. By late Tuesday afternoon my chest had started to feel raspy, but no cold, no cough. I knew I was brewing an infection so got an appointment with a different GP Wednesday morning. By then I was coughing and bringing up gunk. No wheezing though, chest still sounded clear, my breathing was okay even though my peak flow had dropped by 40%. She prescribed antibiotics immediately, apologised for the practice not having set me up with an action plan, said I needed a spacer and a spare inhaler, prescribed them. 

I love my practice, I've only had three bad experiences there in twenty years, one was with a locum and one with a nurse. The doctors listen to you and believe what you say. 

There are so many rotten things said about the NHS and doctors. I wanted to share how brilliant my doctors have been with me. 

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I have very good GPs too.  They listen to what I have to say, discuss possible courses of treatment and generally treat me as an intelligent person.  It does make such a difference and it's a great pity that not all doctors (and I include in that doctors working in the hospital environment) do likewise.  Having been on the forum for over a year now (I joined before it became part of Healthunlocked), I'm all too well aware that not everyone is so fortunate.

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There is one GP I only see if I'm absolutely desperate. He is incredibly patronising, really talks down to me. I do puzzles to calm my brain at bedtime. He told that was utterly wrong, I should read a chapter of a book. When I told him that I found it very hard to stop after just one chapter and would be more likely to finish the whole book, he looked at me incredulously. Obviously not a man who reads for pleasure!

My previous doctors were awful. It makes me appreciate the good ones even more.


My GP is so bad that he will now only do (finally) what the Brompton tells him. He offers no solutions.


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