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latest on 8 year old with cough

Hi everyone, further to my previous posts re my little girl and her 'asthma' cough,  she was rushed to the out of hours doctors on Monday after an extremely bad night on Sunday with her up all night coughing and being sick,

Saw a nurse practioner who said her tonsils are very inflamed and there were noises on her lungs so prescribed 5 days of Amoxocillin and told me to chase up the paed doctors to get her reviewed before October like they said.

well she is no better coughing her little heart out constantly, keeps asking when will someone help her and it breaks me I feel I am failing as a parent :(

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I don't know if this helps but sometimes children do go through phases with asthma & it can feel as though it's never going to end. I went through that with my son more than once. It won't help you as things are but things can & do settle down.

In the meantime I think all you can do is as advised, chase up the consultant, see if they can pull you for an earlier appointment & keep being a minor nuisance to the doctor. There are so many possible causes or triggers that I could only really guess, but hopefully they can start the process of finding out what the issue is, doing blood tests, maybe a chest x-ray, etc. It sounds to me like it's a very bad infection which is then triggering a degree of asthma, but I'm not a doctor & obviously haven't seen her.

You're not failing, lungs are very complicated & even experts can take a while to figure out what is causing symptoms; doubly so in children.

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I know how you feel. Unfortunately your little one doesn't understand that you are trying all you can to help her, and that antibiotics take their time to work. Tonsillitis, takes a while to go, and if chest is a problem as well, it can be ages. Your daughter, is probably wondering why everything is lasting so long. I hope she feels better soon. If she is still poorly after the antibiotics, I would see her GP.

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thank you she had a bit of a better day yesterday actually got dressed and played but as soon as night time comes its cough cough cough


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