Pneumonia jab

Hi. I'm still waiting to see a respiratory consultant at the hospital as my asthma cannot be controlled at the moment. I'm on montelukast and prednisone. I was on fostair but the doctor changed it to a round one, I can't recall the name, as she says she didn't like me on steroids.

She also wanted to stop the prednisone but I wouldn't let her because I know this is helping me somewhat and until I see a specialist I can't take that risk.

My query was I've been in contact with someone yesterday, unknowingly, who has today been diagnosed with viral pnuemonia today.

Is it wise to ask my doctor if I need a pnuemonia jab. I asked last year but I didn't come under their risk but after this encounter I am wary? Am I being too cautious?

Thanks for any replies.


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  • If you have lung problems my consultant suggests you have the flu jab every year and the pneumonia jab every 10 years. Anyone not at risk generally only needs the oneumonia jab once in a lifetime.

  • Many thanks freefaller. I've never had a pnuemonia jab so I might just ask. Thanks again. 

  • Im supposed to have the new one out

  • Prove ar is the one I have recently been given too. As it happens when I asked about it it was almost exactly 10 years since I had the first one!

  • IHi Frrefaller I had prevenar 13 i saw they give it from birth!! Anyway had a stiff arm that's all. Were you ok? Now I am going to a heart ultrasound this afternoon! It doesn't stop..take care xx

  • That's interesting, I've always been told that having had the pneumonia jab, once is enough even though I'm asthmatic.  Is there some new thinking on this?

  • There always seems to be new thinking on this.  One of my Gp's said no and then when I saw another she asked if I had had it and that it would be a good idea and that she would recommend once every ten years and it just happened that it was 10 years almost to the day since I had had my first pneumonia jab.

  • I agree totally with FREEFALLER

    She is spot - on

    Hope you are feeling a little better


  • Thanks for your comments. I'm trying to get an appt with the doctor. 

  • Do that it was ok and they are so many pneumonia around I never used to hear about it like that before. 

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