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Daughters sinuses

Hi my 3.5 year old has been diagnosed as reactive airways disease although we can't get properly diagnosed with asthma as she's too young. Anyways for the past month or so she's been doing a thing with her nose and snorting if you get what I mean as though she has a blocked nose but doesn't she does however react to irritants like smoke damp pollen etc do you think this can be linked or is it more a habit type of thing as im not sure with the weather changing and if this is more like allergic rhinitis or just a habitat has anyone experienced this or come across this please? She currently on clenil and ventilin onhalers and daily antibiotics thank you x

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Hi so very sorry your precious child is ill. As she is so young the best things is to phone the helpline they are open during office hours good luck ♥


Just an update got her checked over at doctors and she has rhinitis x


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