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What is too much prednisilone?

My symbicort does not seem to have the effect it had initially - I have requested a repeat prescription of prednisilone as I am having issues controlling my asthma.

I stated in my earlier posts that I used to do a lot of running, I can only complete a 5k run if I take steroids - with my inhalers I have to stop/start.

I have to be fit as my job requires me to be so. Is there anything more potent than symbicort? I do not want to be taking pred for long periods due to the side effects.

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If you're struggling you can increase the Symbicort to 2 puffs am and pm, that's the advice my doctor gave me,if it's any help.


Hi I was on 200 x 2 puffs of symbicort a day when I started getting more breathless. The doctor told me to double that and it did help. I was prescribed 400 x 2 instead. As I have been feeling a lot better I have halved the dose again.

If you are feeling breathless then it is a sign that your preventer isn't working as well as it should, and you might need an increase or a complete change. Speak to your doctor about it. x

Ps you should avoid predilislone and all steroids as much as possible because using them too much can cause nasty side effects. You shouldn't need them unless you have an infection or just an exacerbation. The preventer is the key.


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