Resp clinic question

Anybody know when they have an appointment to resp clinic what exact tests there gonna do cos receptionists told me to go an hour earlier if I'm to have chest xray but says nothing on the letters about it. I've had xrays not so long ago anyway. Just wondered wether to go hour early don't wanna mess the appoint up waited for too long 4 it. Any help greatly appreciated x

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  • If they haven't said x ray then unlikely unless it has worsened xx

  • Yeah thought pretty much same tbh

  • I have usually had a chest X-ray before my appointment but I have sarcoidosis as well as asthma.

  • Thanks for ur reply. I've already had xrays so was just wondering really what they will do. Hope ur feeling better yourself gary x

  • I had X-ray before my first appointment, but not again. They always do spirometry but that doesn't take very long.

    I usually go 20 mins before my appointment. Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply. Yeah good idea to go early.

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