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oil seed rape oil

I tested a theory based on honey. I was told if I eat honey it may reduce my allergy to certain pollens that is if I eat local honey. It appeared to work and I didn't have hayfever quite as bad as last year. I am allergic to heather! walking through it triggers my asthma when it is in flower. So last year based on nearly every farmer growing at least one field of oil seed rape I tried using the oil from this plant and found to my amazement that I didn't have a problem. One year I could hardly walk my asthma was so bad and yes it started as soon as it the plants started to flower and ended when the flowers dropped off. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes, I am allergic to all sorts of things and my allergies are pollen,leaf mould,dust,dairy,wheat, food additives and flavourings. I have used rapeseed oil but hasn't helped at all. I have also used local honey but cant tell yet if it works as the hay fever season is just beginning.


I too have heard this theory concerning honey. Sadly, I suspect it's not always quite as simple as the theory implies. Even though your hayfever seemed to improve last year, this may be down to many factors - not just the fact that you ate locally produced honey; the result from one year does not make a viable statistic. I'm usually triggered by cow parsley (so May is not usually a good month for me) but like you I didn't have so much a problem last year. I don't eat much honey on a regular basis so I doubt it was down to that.

If it is the honey, then it's great that it's worked for you - likewise the rapeseed oil. But do bear in mind that allergies can change. My elder son used to suffer from hayfever when the rape plants were in flower, but hasn't for a number of years now. Nothing to do with rapeseed oil as far as we know. My husband, another hayfever sufferer - grass and willow were his particular problems - has been much better in recent years as well.

Whatever's caused the improvement for you the important thing is that you are not suffering as much as you used to:-).


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