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Asthma getting worse

Prior to getting asthma I ran 5/10 k, did kickboxing and was very fit.

Since having my asthma issues I can only run 5k if I am full of prednisilone. I am currently taking symbicort, however it's effects seem to be wearing off - I find I am having to take my blue inhaler as well. A three mile cycle trip to work is becoming a struggle. I have to wear a mask in cold weather.

My medication does not appear to be good enough.

I know I cannot keep taking tablets as my long term health is at risk.

My job requires a certain level of fitness and I am worried it could be in jeopardy should my condition get any worse.

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It can be a bit of trial & error finding the right medication. If your symptoms are continuing to deteriorate though you might need some more specific health investigations, or to try different inhalers or medication.

I think you probably just have to keep talking to the GP/practice nurse to try & get to the bottom of things.


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