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Hi all feeling rubbish at the min woke up Saturday just gone with what felt like a herd of elephants sitting on my chest. Tried nags 111 and after 20mins of sitting on the phone waiting I gave up. Now coughing up green gunk so I'm guessing another chest infection , but can I get to see a dr not a chance. my surgery releases a few app every day from 8.30 (if you can get through on the phone ) been trying every morning and by the time I get through all app have gone . This morning I got through straight away and thought great , was put on hold and by the time I was put through all app had gone . Nightmare

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I think pollution is making things worse for us Asthmatics


Hi, I've had the same problem but a sinus infection. Had 5 days of antibiotics and steroids,finished them today and still getting horrid mucus green stuff coughing (sorry for the graphic description😳) My Peak flow is down again today and I'm on the ventolin all day.

Tried to get an appointment this morning at docs as I'm sure I either need stronger antibiotics or a few days more-like you I have to call at 8.00am to get an emergency appointment but the phone is constantly busy and when I eventually get through there's no appointments left... GRrr so the receptionist says would you like the doc to call you, yes I say that would be good...soo wait all day, mobile phone in hand and guess what no call...

So here I am tonight wondering should I take more steroids until, I can get into see the doc or just put up with another night of sleeping sitting up..

I'm so fed up with trying to self medicate and work out what to do and then I feel like I'm a sicknote always calling the doctor...

So sorry for my whinging, i think I'm just fed up with constantly feeling unwell. I've gone from a person who used to see a doctor once in a blue moon to being a person who's always on the phone to the surgery begging for an appointment,

I hope you get to see someone tomorrow and they get you sorted and you soon feel better. I totally sympathise with you 😘



I so sympathise with you! It makes me furious to have paid into the health service for 50 years and not to get help the one or two times a year that I call because I desperately need it. I work hard at my physical fitness every day and one ignorant GP can set me flat on my back for a fortnight.

On the positive side....

I'm not sure if I should recommend this but the only useful doctor appointment that I ever had was because our local pharmacist - who deals daily with the GP practice - was shocked at my condition and told me to use her name with the receptionist. Magic - I got into see a regular doctor not a locum for "an emergency appointment" in 5 minutes, he saw how bad my asthma gets and since then we are relatively on the same page about it.

Right now I am finding it very lonely fighting to stay healthy, and the service in this area seems over-balanced towards caring for young children rather than adults. You can come here straight from E. Europe and get immediate appointment if you have children under 5 yrs old, yet no appointments for adults.

When weak, I need someone to advocate on my behalf past the health service barriers. It scares me how low this takes my previously healthy body.


Is it the doctor who refuses to see you, or is the problem an unsympathetic and ignorant receptionist? Either way, the best thing you can do is to complain to the practice manager. If you don't complain they aren't aware that there is a problem so can't do anything to improve the situation.


Go to A&E and tell them your Dr. won't see you. There are out of hours doctors available. I know it feels like an abuse of A&E, but then refusing to give you an emergency appointment is another kind of abuse, in my opinion.

When you finally get to see a GP, suggest keeping antiobios and prednisolene at home in case of another infection. Several people I know do this. This having to fight for treatment is very depressing but we have no other choice, it seems.

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Do you to have an emergency pack of antibiotics to start while waiting to get an appointment? Hope you have managed to see your Doc by now.


Thanks. Got a phone conciliation and got antibiotics, the surgery I'm with are fantastic when you get an appointment it's the people who go when they can buy over the counter medicine I know I've heard it in the waiting room ( I've got the flu .... Erm no if you had the Flu you wouldn't be sitting in a waiting room you would be in bed you have a common cold take lem sip then the people who really do need to see a dr can ok rant over

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