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Hi I always read your messages as it is such a big help to me.

13 years ago I had an industrial accident where I was chlorine has left me with 50% loss of lungs and airways.

Acute bronchial asthma .my long term diagnoses is small airway fibrosis which hasn't started yet.

I was very fit never had an illness

Now I am over weight has medication of regular prendisolone

Monkulast , serevent ,cetrazine, salbutamol,I have nebulisers atravent and salbutamol, oxygen as and when needed,

I have arthritis in all my joints on the whole I am a little bit fed up.

I don't sleep well due to my chest,

Keeping on top of this is hard work and very tiring you never know from one day to the next what you can do or can't do.

It doesn't take much to trigger me breathing and chest.

I get out of breath easily which is a pain.

Some days I can't do anything just concentrate on breathing and resting.

Constantly in and out of hospital had respitory failure ..

Yet I keep smiling brush myself down and keep going

There are a lot of people out there worse than me.

I find this site so valuable and messages so encouraging and helpful .

As I am getting older my condition is getting worse which I was told it would do.

The government doesn't acknowledge breathing problems and asthma .They don't realise how crippling it can be.

Doctors aren't always sure what the right thing to do .

I believe there should be more awareness on asthma and breathing disorders not the attitude of ( it's only asthma )

Asthma isn't text book not everyone is the same.

Al I get is I bet you regretted smoking all those cigarettes..which makes me laugh I have never smoked in my life.

I don't know about you.Do you find when you go into hospital they never read your notes ..

If I get told once more to control my asthma I will scream I do try.

Weather has a big impact on me amongst a lot of other things.

If you are not happy with your GP change your doctors to a sympathetic one.

As your health is so important I think we need a voice to be heard ..sorry for the essay I just wanted to say what I think xxxxx

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Sorry to hear how your life was so badly damaged but I'm also glad to see that you keep a fighting spirit. I couldn't agree more with what you say. I have said loads of times, not entirely in jest, that I was going to tattoo "I have never smoked" across my forehead, as I get so sick of everyone from Doctors repeatedly asking me if I have ever smoked to numpties thinking they are being funny telling me to quit when I'm coughing or stuggling up steps (ha bloody ha...never heard that one before!).

Even more seriously the fact that the vast majority of people who have asthma have it through no fault of their own yet we have to pay for prescriptions is a disgrace.

Good to hear from you anyway!

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I had to bite my lip when I first saw the asthma nurse who said I was not breathing correctly, I have only been doing it for 75 years I thought it was so funny hey ho :-)


Now I understand a little more..good to say what you think.. Makes you feel better at least. I find all the docs are different some care more than others same as any human beings.. My task as a patient is to get the best treatment possible for myself in the best possible way..

Take care xx

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Ditto ditto ditto , you are so brave and wonderful how you keep so upbeat , I'm also on masses of meds and get so fed up when you go into Hosp and get told just to relax and calm down grrrrrrrrr 😡😡😡

Have to take each day as it comes and take it as it comes , I never know when an attack will,occur but when it does it comes on quickly and usually ends up in a long Hispanic stay . I totally agree there should be more understanding ESP as far as the government goes xx

Sending you hugs from a fellow suffer , we are are all individuals and so is our asthma X

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I read, briefly, your missive. Yes, I can understand your feeling of Gov's neglect to understand people's body reaction or effects suffering Bronchitis, Asthma or a combination of both. Like you, I too went with the ignorance of GPs and other medical specialists to follow medical textbook advice. Needless to say, these GPS and Specialist are none the wiser of each patient's needs. Over 60 years of various Quak's advice, my body had taken, by chance, 'the way of solace'. Yes, I believe anyone, at any age, to gain the total relief or develop body tissue resilience to any health condition, to take up my One Inch Therapy. Now at almost 70 years old, I have a body condition and health condition, a 30-35 year old person would envy. No equipment to use, no health food to follow, no diets to follow, but just a simple and easy body tissue manipulation. You do not need to go for walks or do any strenuous activities. The only time I go out of my house, regretfully, to walk 150 yards to my corner shop once a week to purchase my Euromillions lottery ticket. LOL!. Other than that, I am indoors all the time. Food? My wife does the weekly shopping. My daily diet - a slice of bread with whopping lump of jam or marmalade or two fried eggs, two slices of bacon, two slices of bread and a cup of tea. In between breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bed, I eat plenty of coolant and custard cream biscuits with cups of tea, throughout the day. The One Inch Therapy, simple and easy therapeutic activity, control the intake of food to digest and distribute 95% throughout the needed body system. One Inch says it all, you do not move your body more than an inch away from the spot where your body lays to perform the therapy. The 5% waste is released, maybe once or twice, weekly and you will notice how little it is in your toilet pan. LOL! The added benefit to this One Inch Therapy, any accidental injuries to the body are not visible or do not show anybody bruise. In fact, your body has a high tolerance of pain and if any, just a feeling for a few minutes and then none. A PRICELESS One Inch Therapy.

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