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Recovery from asthma attack

Hi all just joined so not quite sure about posting this. However ill give it a go . I was hospitalised 5 weeks ago after having two very bad astma attacks one after the other. . I stayed in for 7 days because they couldnt get my astma under control. However I returned home with predisone to be tapered off over three weeks plus my ventolin inhaler and the new fostair 200 in replace of my clennil. Its been a long struggle now in week 6 and back on predisone 5mg per day and starting to feel like normal again. I have had asthma for three years but never this bad all started in dec over xmas with a cough then jan I lost my voice for three days then a really badchest infection onto the astma attacks. Ive had a really bad taste, incredable appetite and oral thrush I think form the fostair. Just wondering whether anyone else has took so long to recover ?

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Hi Debs2138. I am kinda of in the same situation as you so have been hospitalised 3 times since January. The 1st for 10 days where they changed my inhaler to fostair a and was on steroids and antibiotics and was doing the same thing tapering off the steroids over 3 weeks, managed to get off the steroids for a whole 3 days before everything was set off again and ended up back in hospital only for 2 days same story again back on steroids try taper off again but also started on theophylline and montelukast and the most recently got down to 20mg pred and had an attack out of the blue and ended up in ITU and was in for 7 days so i am now currently on 30mg pred for the forseeable future until both my consultants can agree on what to do next!

So yeah i can take weeks to fully recover from an attack!

I also got oral thrush but think it was a combination of the fostair, steroids and antibiotics.

Do you take your fostair using a spacer?? If not i would suggest you get one from your GP as will help to reduce the taste in your mouth and the oral thrush and also rinse your mouth out or brush your teeth after using your inhaler.

Hope you are feeling better today!


Thank you for your reply . I'm sorry to hear your so unwell . I do use a spacer I've got the 2 the big one and the one I carry with me and I also rinse my mouth afterwards . I've also been using daktarin as I got oral thrush but that's clearing now. I do hope you get sorted soon . It's a real scary business having these attacks . Good luck

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Hi, so sorry to hear what you have been through, but yes it does seem to take a ages to get over attacks.

I had an attack in December, ended up in itu , for the next eight weeks I just didn't feel good, everything was a struggle and I was on full medication, inhalers, steroids, Nebs , montalukust, antibiotics, the works! Then I ended up back in itu with an attack caused apparently by pneumonia. I have been out of hospital now two weeks and already back on antibiotics. So yeah getting back to yourself after a bad attack is not so easy, ! I have found this after every bad attack!

Hope you get better and stronger quick!

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