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Feeling better - but puzzled!


I started treatment for asthma about 4-5 weeks ago with clenil and salbutamol, following a very bad chest infection that just didn't clear up (or rather triggered massive amounts of inflammation which seemed to develop into a pattern of asthma, and clenil and salbutamol have improved my peak flow).

I've had difficulty with muscle and joint pain which could be possibly described as fibromyalgia like over the last couple of years, (following pregnancy) though it was thought to be an issue with thyroxine medication. However, things did not improve as they used to with dose changes.

I am both delighted and puzzled to find that I feel like I'm finally healing and loosing the terrible joint stiffness and aches I've suffered with badly, since starting the clenil.

Some symptoms I had following my chest infection were familiar to me - I often struggle with coughs; they drag on, itchy lungs and chin, seem worse than other's, bad at night and in the morning, exacerbated by talking etc. The few of had the last couple of years had been very brutal and led to some bronchial pneumonia. And I remember having some issues as a child too. But I do not have allergies (grew up with many pets, horses, near farms etc). Therefore I'm starting to wonder if I've had mild asthma (non allergic, but exacerbated by irritants eg smoke and viruses/ bugs) for some time but much worse since pregnancy.

My question is - could this mild level have affected my ability to heal / maintain muscle strength or caused a level of aching, stiff muscle symptoms?

It could be that I just have a bit more energy or sleep better, but they way my skin and body is starting to feel is quite bizarre. But great!

Anyone else experienced this?

(It helps me process what's been going on as its been very hard)

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I don't know how long youve been on thyroxine but it can take many months before you feel better. I have both hypothyroidism and asthma. Still not found the right dose of thyroxine yet. I do have muscle pain even in my chest but it feels different than asthma. No shortness of breath or cough with it. Say to the doctor that your worried about asthma. He will probably give you an appointment with the asthma nurse.then you'll know one way or the other.


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