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Sorry to be a pain in the proverbial by posting so soon again, but I was wondering if anyone knows if a PPC can be used for prescriptions which are presently awaiting collection from the pharmacy.

I haven't bought a PPC yet as I don't want to pay out for it only to be told that I still need to pay the full prescription costs, (which is what I was told this morning as it apparently doesn't apply to medicines already prescribed but not yet collected). Does anyone know if that's true?

The problem is I'm off sick at present with a back injury following an accident at work- I slipped on water!- & my salary is considerably less as a result- I'm a nursing assistant working for the beloved and beleaguered NHS so am missing pay for night duty etc. - so I haven't collected what I've been prescribed as I really can't afford everything :-/ At present there's four prescriptions which need collecting!! Not all urgent thankfully :-) Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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  • when I got my ppc I had meds in the chemist ready to be collected, they said if the chemist charged me then to send the receipt and I would get a refund. But I told the chemist I was waiting for a Ppc to come and they didn't charge hope this helps

  • Hi Lyngal- very helpful; thanks for getting back to me :-)

  • I have to say that usually the pharmacy will let you have them under the pre-payment certificate but I suppose there are some chemists who would refuse. But I would go by Lyngsls advice. Obviously you are buying the prepayment because you cannot prescriptions otherwise who was it who to,d you they would not be covered?

  • Hi freefaller. It was a pharmacy assistant told me the PPI wouldn't cover me for medication prescribed but not collected... I'm hoping he was wrong! :-)

  • "If you have to pay a prescription charge while you are waiting for your PPC, you may get a refund as long as you have an FP57 receipt and refund claim form and your PPC is valid on the date you pay. The pharmacist or dispensing doctor can only issue an FP57 at the time you pay the prescription charge - they cannot issue you one later. You can claim the prescription charge(s) back up to three months after paying. The FP57 tells you what to do - but remember the PPC itself can only be backdated by one month."

    So it looks as though you'll be able to claim back the cost of the prescriptions provided you apply for a certificate before you pay for them (I'm assuming you pay upon collection).


  • Thanks for all the info- very useful as it's helped to clarify things :-)

  • I state when I want my PPC to start when I buy it. Think you might be able to back date it. Give them a phone call.

  • Hi Garry. I think I'lldo as you suggest and ring them on Monday just to clarify things :-)

  • One way or another, definitely get the PPC! My pharmacist told me about it when I was paying £56 a month for meds, now I only pay £10.40. Especially delighted given that I was paying €144 per month (about £110) in Ireland as well as paying for every GP visit, consultant, test, x-Ray, hospital visit, etc etc etc - the NHS is bloody brilliant and should be saved at all cost :)

  • Well said! I agree the NHS is brilliant :-) I'm glad to hear your pharmacist told you about the PPC- sounds like it's worth its weight in gold for me too.

  • yes you can use it but they charge your first then give you a form to claim the money back as your awaiting a ppc

  • You can predate the ppc for up to one calendar month to cover the scripts that are outstanding well worth getting one

  • Thanks folks for your help! Apologies for the brief reply but I've used almost all my mobile allowance... :-(

  • Hi, yesterday I updated my PCC and as I did not have my new card, I was advised to request a Refund Form if I was asked to pay. Once i got my card I could get a refund for medication purchased.

  • I bought a three month PPC a couple of days ago and I'm so thankful I did as I have since collected four prescriptions from the pharmacy, and expect at least another one for a new inhaler as I am still coughing and wheezing: I'm also relieved to say that the staff didn't ask me to pay despite the fact that I still don't have my certificate :-)

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