bubble lungs

hi everyone,

a little over a month ago i began to feel a bubble sensation in my lower and middle lobe of my right lung.sometimes, but only very light, i have the same sensation on the left side as well. I dont have short breath nor do i have a cold or asthma. I tried to get some info from the web but cant really find anything that exactly fits to what i am having .Most comments i read with bubble sensations are on the left side which i am not sure if that makes a big difference. A week ago my rips on both sides started to hurt also, first i thought that i might slept wrong because i am feeling kind of sore but it is a bit of a weird timing and i never had that before so i am wondering if that has to do with my bubbly lungs. I am 34, quit smoking about 2 years ago and never had any problems before.Does anyone heard of such a thing before?

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  • Should really go to the doctors, it may be pneumonia. That causes pain in your back.

  • Pain can be caused by pleurisy or pneumonia. Go to your doc and have a sputum sample taken to see what this is.

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