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can someone help ...have had ongoing cold/fluish/asthma symptoms for about six/seven weeks now. Main worry is the never ending mucus running down back of my throat. Been to GP was prescribed Duo Resp and antibiotics,low dose coproxamol, Nasone spray, found had problems with Duo Resp as powder sticking in throat. Got better or so I thought. Woke up one night a fortnight later swallowing loads of mucus same again cold/flu asthma symptons returned, went back to GP who prescribed new Sirdupla inhaler,proved no good powder again cold worse. Went back again more stronger antibiotics given and a nasal spray Avamys and Seretide evohaler but stiill cant get rid of the mucus, getting fed up. Seretide better but cant stop the dreadful catarrah, now been on the antibotics nearly a week now will this never end. Mornings are worst waking up is a nightmare feel I'm choking until I can clear my throat which hurts trying to clear it where mucus has stuck over night. I do sleep a few hours. All day I am blowing my nose trying to clear this catarrah ...thanks in advance will I ever get better. Had colds in past but nothing like this.

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  • Oh dear, poor you. This sounds rather like the consequences of the bug I went down with over Christmas: it took the best part of a month before I felt that my nasal passages were clear (and another four weeks before I didn't sound husky). I'm rather susceptible to sinusitis as well so trying to keep things as clear as possible was quite important - and extremely challenging. I used to rely on Karvol capsules but these are no longer available. By New Year, despite being on antibiotics in an effort to keep things under control (and under threat of oral steroids if my intake of ventolin increased) my jaws were becoming painful - the warning sign that my sinuses were inflamed - and I was still getting through boxes of tissues. It was at this point that someone suggested Olbas Oil - an inhalant decongestion. It's a mixture of pure plant oils: you tip a few drops on to a tissue and inhale. If you don't think your asthma will be triggered by the whiff of oils such as mint, eucalyptus, clove, juniper berry, plus a couple of others, I would recommend trying it. It really helped me.

    Another thing I found soothing was a ginger and honey drink. Put a teaspoon of finely chopped (or grated) fresh root ginger into a mug with along with a teaspoon of honey and top with hot water.

    Hope some of this helps.

  • Try using menthol crystals dissolve in hot water as an inhalant. Cheaper than Olbas oil and you don't need more than one crystal so a small pot from the pharmacist will last year's and years.

  • Thanks for the tip, I'd not heard of menthol crystals before. I'll bear it in mind when my bottle of Olbas oil runs out.

    I don't know why Karvol capsules were ever stopped. Whilst I could find packets I bought them and they've kept sinusitis at bay for years. But finally this last Christmas I used my last few capsules, so when Olbas oil was offered as a relief whilst I was visiting my father I decided to give it a try - and was delighted to find that it worked just as well.

  • One other thought - sorry, I've only just remembered this - you could try the good old fashioned remedy of Vicks vapour rub. I rubbed it on my chest at night when I went to bed; feels disgusting, but I find it helps:-)

  • Hi wheezygirl

    you need steroids, you need prednisolone to dry out the mucus so the Seretide can go through and the antibiotics can do their work. I would say for a good 10 days..Make sure you get the right prescription So sorry you need to go back again and put your foot down but I like the Seretide it s a good preventer you'll see

    Take care Wheezygirl and let us know how you are getting on.

  • and don't forget to get the aerochamber of the GP as well so the Seretide can go down your lungs..and have a good rinse brush your teeth to avoid oral thrush, you don't want mouth ulcers.

  • Hi, poor you. Having these symptoms for so long is so miserable. I have Rhinitis, post nasal drip, sinitus, persistent cold/flu/fever symptoms for over 18 months now. I use Neilmeds Nasal Irrigation with Neilmeds Saline and flush my nose twice (sometime more) and this clears the mucus, soothes the soreness and keeps my nose clean of infection. You can buy the irrigation system from any chemist: it was recommended by my ENT consultant. I'm waiting for a day surgery: my sinuses are blocked and bone too thick.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • You should try gargling with water after taking your inhalers if you find the powder causes throat or mouth problems. It also may be a good idea if you used an aero chamber to take your inhalers if you don't already and have the respiratory nurse or your Doctor check o your inhaler technique. Has your Doc taken a sputum sample to check what bug you may have so that he can choose the right antibiotics to treat it? That maybe another idea. If none of this helps hen I would ask for a referral to a specialist.

    Good luck

  • You poor thing; post-nasal drip can be absolutely miserable, I have rotten sinus problems so I'm very familiar. In my experience no amount of nasal sprays on their own are sufficient. My old consultant suggested I try Neilmed, a Neti pot. Basically it's a bottle of warm saline solution that you flush gently up one nostril, where it flushes out the sinuses through the other nostril. It sounds horrific but is quite the opposite, it's very pleasant and enormously satisfying! I've been using it for seven years now, not every day but just when I'm congested or have post-nasal drip, and I've only needed antibiotics for a sinus infection once in that time. Before this I had sinus infections every couple of weeks. The best part is that it's not a medicine, so it doesn't counteract other medicines and you can use it as often as you like.

    I strongly recommend you give it a try.

  • Has it occurred to anyone that the antibios are just not working? There have been any number of long lasting bugs in the past few winters and those with and those without asthma have suffered, including me. It does go away eventually but it seems to take forever. I think inhaling steam and olbas oil is a good plan - you can still get facial steamers - and honey and ginger will help soothe your throat. Of course you must take your usual preventers and check your inhaler technique. Sometimes taking the blue one about 10 minutes before preventative one helps open things up a bit. Use tissues with balm in them. It will get better, but I think you might just have to live with it until it does.

    Best of luck!

  • Yes, but if the bugs are viral infections (and a lot of them will be) then antibiotics won't work. You can go down with flu (and I mean flu, not just a heavy cold) but antibiotics won't touch it. They will get to grips - or they do with me - with any secondary infections arising from it (the big risk for asthmatics) but those are a different matter.

  • Can I say a big thank you to each and everyone of you who bothered to send me a reply, I will take something from each of your replies. Funnily enough I have just taken my last antibiotic today and believe it or not my nose has stopped running, dare I believe it. I am off to buy olbas oil tomorrow ....thanks you all so so much againxx

  • Definitely sounds like post nasal drip. I would highly recommend nasal irrigation and then a steroid nasal spray (ENT recommended) takes a few days to work. Is it allergy based? Do you use an antihistamine? I find sleeping propped up 4 pillows does help too.

    Not sure about steroids and assume antibiotics are for sinusitis? Is it infective or viral? If it is an ongoing issue can you get ENT referral?

    Feel better soon

  • Hi can i ask if your sinus problem is due to the asthma, trying to find out if they are connected, i have same probs, trying to understand allergy related asthma

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