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Upper Airways Disease?

I have undergone a few tests and found out my exercise induced asthma has been misdiagnosed and my lung function is normal. The guy doing the tests was really helpful but because I get a tight throat and coughing spasms post exercise he said it could be some kind of upper airways disease. I just wondered if anyone has been through the same as me and has issues in the throat rather than chest. I mainly get issues after exercise but can get breathless sometimes without exercise and feel like I need to cough a little bit. Post exercise is the worst as I will get home and then cough all night before bed then wake up coughing. I have been having this issue after going to the gym for a long time so I don't think it is to do with my fitness level as I am out-performing others at certain exercises. I'm also undergoing heart tests as I had an abnormal ECG but I still wonder if there is any connection to a respiratory problem. I cannot find any info on the internet for upper airways conditions and thought I'd see if anyone may know of any conditions or has had a similar experience at all.

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Hi, I have been treated for exercised induced asthma for about 6 mos now. Even though I have the control and rescue inhalers, I still have the same symptoms as I did in the beginning. I have never had a cough though. Recently, my ENT suggested that I might have Vocal Cord Dysfunction ( VCD) instead of or inconjunction with asthma.

Check out the VCD symptoms, they are almost the same as asthma but the treatment is working with a Speech Therapist to learn how to breathe when having symptoms. I'm so excited that I may be able to leave the inhalers behind that I can't wait for my therapy appointment.

Good luck.


Thanks I've had a quick look. How did you get diagnosed?


I was referred to an Ears Nose Throat specialist to check out a cyst in one of my sinuses. We talked about my breathing issues and after a several questions from him, he checked my sinuses and throat with a scope that had a camera on it.

He had me count to ten while he watched my vocal cords and saw that they not functioning properly. he thinks it's at least part if not all of my shortness of breath issues.


Thanks for the info. Hope you are ok now


I have my first appt with the speech therapist on April 8th. I'll let you know the results.


Thanks will be good to see how you are getting on


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