Laughing and coughing

Hi...I'm new here and I have a burning question. Is laughing and coughing linked to asthma? Do any of you suffer with this problem?

When I'm well I get a bit of cough when I laugh but nothing major. At the moment I have a cold/virus and on antibiotics to cover any possible infection due to Bronchiectasis. A short while ago I was laughing at something and broke out into a massive coughing fit....the type that goes on and on loosely until my lungs hurt. To be honest this has really set me back as I've been doing really well and now I feel fed up!

I would value any advice whether this is asthma related and if it is what the best treatment is to stop this as its not only distressing for me but those around me.

I'm currently on fostair two puffs twice a day and montekulast and amoxycillin 500mg 3x day



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  • Thanks JC....I'm just looking on web. It would be good to know how others have dealt with this tho. It it is an asthma trigger which is interesting...there is so much to learn


  • I don't have asthma triggered by laughter, but I know of two people who do (witnessed it happening with one of them). I've no idea how the trigger mechanism works - why laughter can cause such a reaction - but I admit I would be fascinated to find out:-)

  • I only got the laughing and coughing thing when I developed asthma alone didn't seem to cause it.

  • That should say when I developed Bronciectasis. Asthma alone doidn't seem to cause this. It was one of the symptoms which sent me to the Docs when my Bronchiectasis was diagnosed.

  • Hi, laughing is one of my triggers, emotions/stress are a big one generally in asthmatics. Going out for a drink can be a nightmare because of the laughing. Is your reliever early to control it. Good luck

  • Thanks for your replies...Gareth....when I go out drinking I am generally worse with symptoms and your post reminded me of that. I have a long term reliever in the fostair but I think I need to be taking the salbutomol on top of this when unwell or going out so will try this to see if it helps....thanks everyone


  • Hi Happy chicken and a very warm welcome. Best advice I can give is to phone the helpline they will be able to put your mind at rest ♥♥♥

  • I have a very wheezy laugh and my chest can feel quite tight but it normally goes over very quickly when I stop laughing. I can say it doesn't put me off laughing, it is the best medicine. 😜😂

  • It happens to me when my asthma isn't well controlled. If you've been poorly lately then not surprising.

    You mention bronchiectasis: my mother had that (though just diagnosed with asthma for years, till she got an mri) and it was a particular thing of hers that she'd cough when she laughed.

  • I have found that laughing hard and coughing can trigger an asthma attack. It's like an exercise induced attack. I certainly wouldn't give up laughing, cuz I believe laughter is the best medicine. Laughter reduces stress, which can also cause asthma. I had to teach myself to go in another room when things got to funny! Join the party again when you've calmed down a little.

  • Hello...and thanks for your replies. I think on a good day I only mildly cough here and there when laughing (I'm a bit of a joker and tend to laugh a lot!!).

    At the moment its gone to the extreme and everything has been setting me off with a terrible uncontrollable coughing fit and feeling worse for wear after. Laughing included.

    Went to see GP this morning who has now prescribed steroids and I've had one dose and feel so much better already with reduced symptoms....not sure if they generally work that quick?

    Its nice to meet all of you so far


  • They work quick :)

  • I do that a lot and I look as though my eyes are about to pop and have been known to wee my self if the coughing is bad so don't worry your not a loan

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