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Attitude ? Is it me

I have severe brittle asthma and coupled with that hyperventilation syndrome and dysfunctional breathing due to long term asthma . My consultant is fantastic and I could not ask for better support but some of the attitudes I get from on call Drs in hosptail is very different . BECUASE I am not a text book case they seem to think that I am exaggerating my symptoms because the sats monitor shows good readings however this has alaways proved a problem and when gases are actually taken it shows me Bing hypoxic. I know sometimes It is more the other conditions than the asthma but I try to manage then aswell but sometimes need help just like I do with my asthma . The attitudes of some health professionals can be really judgemental and upsetting am I the only one that gets this. I have now Ben in hosptail for nearly 4 weeks and am still on AMINPHYLLINE infusion , optiflow oxygen and regular and PRN nebs plus 50 mg pred .

It is just so upsetting when you know your body so well that you know when things are not right and no one is prepared to listen , the only one who does is my consultant ! - abd now he's on a weeks A/l

I'm left feeling lonely and frustrated abd even quite angry - yesterday I was spiking temps of 38.2- 38.9'all day but bloods came back ok except awaiting cultures but no raised infection markers - I was on antibiotics but the micro biologist has stopped them - but no in again has explained why , 😡😡😡😡

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A,though I do. It have the conditions you have I do find some health professionals judgemental and consequently unsympathetic and unhelpful. I was diagnosed last year with Chromic Pulmonary Aspergillosis. Something most Docs and nurses have never heard of. My GP was even loathe to change my inhaler as has been requested by my specialist as he didn't think it was worth it just because of a slight chance of a reaction with the other medication prescribed for the Aspergillosis! He was quite narked about it. I just couldn't believe it. Thankfully that GP is taking early retirement soon. However, there are others in the surgery who are just like him and I now sometimes get a sharp intake of brea when I ask for something or suggest something that the Aspergillosis clinic has suggested or requested. I used to think I had a good relationship with my Surgery now I don't think so. I know the NHS has problems - more so here in Wakes as the NHS here is devolved so it is not the same as in rest of the U.K. so. I know they have extra stress but it is getting me down.

Hope you cope well while your consultant is away.



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I too gave this problem despite carrying a letter from my Consultant outlying my ability to have normal numbers and then crash!! Sorry I have no answered that thus forum lets you know you are not alone

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Defo not alone in this I get this all the time like u my consultant is very good and knows me very well knows what works for me but he can't be there in the hospital all the time so I have to deal with doctors who like you am not a text book case and are very unhelpful they really stress me out the feeling of frustration comes to mind not like it's hard enough when u can't breath with out dealing with people who have no clue I hate when I get frustrated angry upset and when it's the docs on that are idiots they just don't listen to u gosh am glad I read this post as am new to this and I never knew there were others out there going through the same makes me feel less like an allian. Hope your doing ok x

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At last!!! Hooray , I know I'm not alone , thank you so much , my consultant even writes in my notes to ring him is there are concerns but the Drs think oh , they know better !!!!!

I'm doing ok - struggling with a bit mentally with the restraints asthma puts on my life bit it really helps sharing on here and knowing you are are not alone



I have also experienced this and have all the same issues - it is so frustrating! I was surprised and a little bit happier yesterday when my sats were unusually low as it meant I got quicker treatment... despite having the exact same symptoms and problems usually...

It is almost like you have to wait for it to get so bad that it risks your life and then they may take you seriously!

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