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Today is so far a good day


After a terrible few days with yesterday being the worse so far. I was thinking very strongly of going to A+E but I phoned my surgery for advice. Good enough my Asthma nurse phoned me back within 10 mins and told me to double up on my seretide and to use the ventolin as often as I needed and if things got no better. To phone out of hours to see a dr or to get to hospital. Luckily things started to improve. It's scary how Out of control things can get with asthma. Woke up this morning cough wheeze took my inhalers and now I feel good. Have a good day everyone and thanks for the support

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Yippee so good to hear you are having a good day enjoy :-) :-) :-) :-)

Do you have an action plan..?

No I don't

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