Asthma or not?

Hi people!

Okay, so I have been having trouble breathing and I have been online and checked all the symptoms that you would probably get for asthma and the results I got were shocking. The symptoms that I get are wheezing, coughing, tight chest and tiredness, it is really difficult to breathe and it is very tiring. I have rang my GP asking for an appointment but they said that they have run out of appointments and asked me if it needed an emergency appointment but I was just like what would count as an emergency appointment? Should I carry on trying to get an appointment or book an emergency one because if it is asthma then at least I would know what to do if I have an attack and I would be able to at least control it.

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  • Hi Emilia yes go ahead and get that emergency appointment at the GP, for me being breathless is not to be ignored, and it will settle your mind.

    Best of luck and take care now x

  • Thank you so much Happy London. Your knowledge is very good! I will book an emergency appointment. One last question, when I book the appointment what should I say?

  • You're welcome. You should just say I feel breathless and unwell I need to see the GP at the earliest.

  • How will they diagnose me? Will they do tests?

  • Hi, its difficult to make a decision as to what is an emergency. I would suggest: if you are wheezing, you may be having an Asthma attack! You should take an emergency appointment, or it could worsen and you might need to attend A & E for treatment.

  • Take the emergency appointment you also do not have to tell the receptionist your reasons some of them feel the need to know I usually reply it's personal , don't feel bad about taking it and if you don't feel satisfied or your symptoms become any worse visit the hospital or make a emergency call . you are just as important as anyone else 😊

  • thank you so much, I will book the emergency appointment

  • I rang the docs 16 months ago and said I thought I had a chest infection I was give n an appointment 2 hours later, I said I wasn't that I'll, but they explained that chest problems were important. Here I am now an asthmatic. You do not mess with asthma so please take that emergency appointment , even if you have just a touch of bronchitis it is better to have it checked than to risk it. Good luck supportive hugs on their way.♥

  • thank you starveycat! hope you are okay!

  • I am doing great yes my life has altered but I am OK thank-you for asking. Please let us know how you get on, good luck :-)

  • Will do!

  • Totally agree with above ...

  • Yes I agree 100% with the above. Being unable to breathe properly can be very serious so please don't leave it. Also asthma can in rare cases kill if uncontrolled. If you get any worse don't be afraid to call an amblance. It's always better to be safe than sorry. x

  • Thank you for your comment! How will they diagnose me??? Will they have to do tests?

  • they make you breathe in the peak flow at the GP. if there is an asthma nurse she may have a spirometer ..check all those words and images on the internet.,they may put a finger clip on your finger an electric thing which measures your oxygen level nothing harmful or painful don't worry, they will listen to your chest with the usual stethoscope..😃😃😃be prepared to do a lot of inhaling exhaling!!!

    let us know how you get on xx

  • I will do Happylondon. You have been very helpful to me and giving me lots of information. I can't thank you enough!

  • You're always welcome. Good luck at the GP x

  • Breathing is essential! Take an emergency appointment. You do not have to tell the receptionist but could say you are having problems with your breathing. That should get you an appointment . Don't delay.

  • thank you so much! I will book the emergency appointment!

  • no stress no panic Emilia breathe nice and easy, walk nice and easy there, have a good cuppa 2 sugars, the old fashioned way, it will all work out you'll feel relief as soon as you know, take your time ask your questions etc. that's why they are there for no rush!!!

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