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Chest infections

Hello. Just wondered how often you guys have chest infections? I'm averaging 3-4 a year at the moment and it's doing my head in!! I have another one at the moment and was prescribed Azithromycin yesterday (I've had this before and it works well for me). I'm on them for 6 days now.

Also, what do you guys take for chest pain? I find a hot water bottle helps


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I get several chest infections throughout the year.

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I am now on my 4th chest infection of the the year!! so not the best start to the year!!

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Hi kabi some years are better than others..I average 3 or 4 now yes if I can get rid of the moment it's like one big one which started early December!

Had azithtromycin before yes and it was effective.

I was told a good preventer with an aerochamber is the key to prevention.. So see if that works for you.. Take care x


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