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nighttime coughing

Hi,New to this site but looking for help/advise on nighttime wheezing/coughing. Had chest infection and on my second course of antibiotics/ steroids. Haven't slept for days as cant stop coughing from midnight onwards. have used my Ventolin in spacer (up to 15 puffs as advised by respiratory nurse at hospital) this only helps for a few hours and then cough back again. Been sitting upright with drinks honey etc but nothing seems to work!! exhausted and any advise for tonight would be appreciated. thanks

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An old remedy but helps me.........rub lots of 'Vicks' into soles of feet and then keep socks on during the night, rub some onto back and chest too. Hope it of some help to you.


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I rub Vicks vapour rub on my chest if I've got an unexplained cough that is causing problems and like you, I find that it helps.

Monaliverpool, re the honey drinks: have you tried honey and ginger? If you've got fresh root ginger in the house, put one teaspoon of finely chopped (or grated) root ginger and one teaspoon of honey in a mug and top with hot water.

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I was in that condition 18 months ago, except it hadn't advanced to an infection stage. I found that aspirin stopped my horrendous wheezing very abruptly, and it's never been a problem since. Maybe it can help you:


Sorry Mona I missed your post last night,

2 tips

One the Respiratory consultant at the Charing Cross gave me, 2 reliever puffs plus 2 preventer puffs if you feel you can't breathe at night.

Make sure your house is not overheated by the way.

And now I have a bad ongoing infection so Im on nebs I take the nebuliser before bedtime and in the middle of the night. That has helped a lot coz Im exhausted with sleepless nights.

But go to the GP and check that infection again. Phone the Asthma UK helpline for advice.

Take care 💓


Read this week something about pineapple juice for cough? Google and you get the article



You might try steam. You can get a facial steamer for around £20+ which might help, or run a very hot bath - don't get in it - and sit in the bathroom inhaling the steam. It can soothe your lungs. If this lack of sleep goes on for over a week, you must get back to your gp or the hospital.

Sleep during the day. Who cares if your body clock is different as long as you get better?

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