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Cough Post Exercise

I just wondered if anyone has a cough post exercise? I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma but it is looking like I don't actually have asthma. Really unsure as to what my issue is as I thought the breathlessness was asthma when I had been diagnosed but the exercise test I did showed my results being really good while my throat was tight and I was coughing. I'm having heart tests as well as I had an abnormal ECG result. Maybe it is just my heart instead. Has anyone been diagnosed with asthma and then told that they did not have asthma after all? I have 1 more lung test to do next week but the doctor believes it's not asthma.

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Hi LuckyLouise

Sorry no..i just wanted to say sorry if I can't be much help but thinking of you, it sounds tough.

Did you get a chance to phone the Asthma UK helpline? They should be able to answer your questions.

Take care and let us know how you are getting on.


Thanks it's certainly a bit baffling to me as someone with no medical knowledge! Got told it could be GERD but not sure about that. Will see if the lung and heart tests left shed any light.

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Ah Gord is a pain.. You can feel the acid it burns up your throat, gives you heartburn..i discovered it with ear infections would you believe..i take omeprazole 20mg a day and never looked back..

Good luck with your tests :)))


Hi, I have recently had a long-standing asthma diagnosis questioned due to normal test results (coughing is the main symptom). The Asthma UK nurse I spoke to says that it certainly can be asthma in those circumstances, though I'm waiting to see a consultant. There are other people on here with similar experiences.

What stands out though is the ECG -- I know nothing about ECG but hope all is well with your heart and that either way the cough can be resolved.


That's interesting and good to know other people on here have similar experiences as well. The abnormal ECG result may or may not be significant. Got 1 more heart test to do which is to see if I have a heart rhythm problem. Got to wear a heart rate monitor during exercise 1 day and no exercise the next. My problems happen mainly with exercise or after exercise. Thanks for your reply. Hope you get some answers as well keep us updated :)


Got told today that I don't have asthma. All a bit confusing really but perhaps there is something else causing my health issues. Spoke to the BHF helpline today (heart) and one of the ladies said I could have POTS.


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